Actress Kangana Ranaut has released another video alleging that actor Sushant Singh Rajput is not a suicide but a murder. After killing Sushant, he also did emotional leaching to me, Kangana has said. She also provided evidence in the video.

Journalists from the movie mafia gang also bothered you a lot. Just as false news was spread about us, it was also spread about Sushant. That is what Kangana has said in this video.

She cites reactions from Sushant’s father, his ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande and director Abhishek Kapoor after Sushant’s death and some previous media reports.

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Kangana said, “Some of the news did not mention my name directly. I have curly hair, from Manali, who has won a national award. The news was given to me in the same way.

There was news about Sushant in the same way. Sushant Singh seems to be a Rajput truck driver.

While listening to his own songs, at a party he hit a director on the head with a glass of Scotch, Sushant raped his co-star, he could go to jail under Meetu. A lot of such news was published against him. “

“A lot of lies like this were spread in the media. This is what the journalists in the movie mafia gang write.

This is what happened to me. When I tried to raise my voice against them, these four people formed a gang and started preparing to flop my film. They came and harassed me “, said Arog Kangana.

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