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Famous Model, the producer, and singer Ayyan Ali, best known for his ‘dollar smuggling’ case, also released a video of the first song after releasing the audio of his first music album.

In the past, Ayyan Ali modeled in fashion shows and videos of some songs, but 5 years ago, in 2015, she gained more fame when she was arrested on charges of currency smuggling.

After which, on July 11 this year, he announced his return to showbiz in his social media posts.

Ayyan Ali shared a photo of himself with luxury cars in his Twitter and Instagram posts and said that in the next one or two weeks, he will release 7 new songs simultaneously.


At the same time, he expressed the hope that his fans would like to return to his showbiz after 5 years and the songs will also be very much liked.

After which, on August 3, Ayyan Ali released the songs of his first music album.

“My first album, which I started working on five years ago, has finally been released,” Ayyan Ali wrote in posts on social networking sites Twitter and Instagram.

Ayyan Ali had said that the official animated videos, official music videos, and much more of his album ‘Nothing Like Every Thing’ will be released soon.

The model and singer’s songs can be heard on their YouTube channel, music streaming apps and websites Spotify, Deezer and Google Play.

Ayyan Ali had announced to release 7 songs simultaneously but on August 3, 8 songs were released.

After releasing the audio of his music album, now Ayyan Ali has also released the video of 2 songs of his album.

A few days ago, he had said in a post on Instagram that the official lyrical videos of his debut album ‘Nothing Like Every Thing’ would be released.

And then on August 11, he released a video of his song ‘Be My Friend’ and according to him, the fans liked this song the most.

After this, Ayyan Ali has released a video of another song of his album ‘Up and Down’, and videos of his other songs will also be released soon.

Ayyan Ali Official Song Be My Friend Official Audio

It was only after the incident that she was nicknamed ‘Dollar Smuggling Girl’ and she remained in jail for at least 4 months and her case was also the most important case in the country.

Her name was added to the Exit Control List (ECL), including the indictment, and she continued to face the case in the courts until February 2017.

However, in February, the Supreme Court allowed her to go abroad, after which she left for Dubai on February 17, 2017.

The smuggling case against him was not over and he was released on bail and in March last year, while hearing his case, the Supreme Court had said in its remarks that the accused were involved in currency smuggling.

Model Ayyan Ali, who went abroad after being granted bail in a currency smuggling case, had also appeared less active on social media in the last three years, but now he is very active on social media in terms of his music career.

Watch Ayaan Ali New Song Video

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