The Undertaker is one of WWE’s most superstar stars in the world.One of the biggest players in the WWE ring, The Undertaker has announced his retirement from professional wrestling. 

Undertaker told the fans in the last episode of his documentary that he has no intention of returning to the ring.

After this, Thakutekar started trending on Twitter and the fans thanked Undertaker. The Undertaker, known as Deadman for three decades, proved himself to be the legend of the game with his stall, out of style, and fighting inside the ring.

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The Undertaker’s last match was at WrestleMania 36, ​​which he played against AJ Styles. According to Taker, he has given a right and precise end to the career with a win in that match.

Taker said in his documentary, that match was the last match of my career. If WWW Chairman Vince says if he will come back, he said that only time will tell. 

If there is an emergency, I can think about it, but at the moment I have no such intention.

Under Taker first came to the WWE ring in the year 1990. He had defeated the stalwart Hulk Hogan after his arrival. After this, no one is left with his hands.

He has a brilliant record of 25-2 in Russellmania. He held his 21–0 record for two decades. He was the reigning WWE Champion, winning the WWF Tag Team Championship six times, and also won the Royal Rumble in 2007.

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