Bad Boys 3

Sixteen years later Will Smith have finally copped another case with Martin Lawrence. The duo are back together in the first trailer for Bad Boys for Life, the hotly anticipated third installment of their activity stuffed buddy franchise.

Will Smith back together with Martin Lawrence
Will Smith back together with Martin Lawrence

Mike Lowery (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) know a thing or three about raising ruckus (and driving Joe Pantoliano’s Captain Howard bananas) and ceasing far more detestable issue (generally the villainy kind).

Sony has discharged the main trailer for coordinating pair’s Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah’s up and coming film, which sees Burnett in another job of police overseer, while Lowery has, um, gone through more promising times. The two must collaborate again to stop an Albanian hired soldier who has motivation to abhor them.

Smith and Lawrence’s rapport hasn’t lost any of its’ zip over the years, and there’s delights to be had watching them back at it again, 16-years after Bad Boys 2. It would likely never get old watching them lay waste to some bad guys, in slow-motion to a jacked-up score, all while bantering. The trailer doesn’t disappoint on any of these counts.

The brief synopsis provided by Sony gives you all you need to know for the moment: Old-school cops Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett team up to take down the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel. The Newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department along with Mike and Marcus go up against the ruthless Armando Armas.


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