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HUM Network marks a new milestone by launching its new YouTube channel, HUM Arabia. This pioneering project makes HUM Arabia the first YouTube channel dubbed in Arabic by a Pakistani television network. HUM Arabia promises to satisfy the large Arabic-speaking audience with the best selection of best drama serials from HUM TV.

HUM Arabia aims to impress Arab audiences and make a meaningful impact. Get ready for an exciting journey as HUM TV and HUM Arabia redefine the boundaries of entertainment and bring the best of Pakistani content to the Arab world, HUM Arabia will launch on June 1, 2023 on YouTube.

The first and biggest submission to HUM Arabia will be the series “Parizaad“. This pioneering show has captured the hearts of audiences across the world with its unique storyline and brilliant art by the incomparably talented Ahmed Ali Akbar. By bringing “Parizaad” to the Arab audience, HUM Arabia sets the scene for an exciting journey full of top stories, emotions, and themes that cross cultural boundaries.

Experience the magic of Pakistan’s record-breaking drama serial Parizaad as it makes its grand debut in Arabic on HUM ARABIA.

HUM Arabia Parizaad Drama
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HUM TV Stay up to date about the latest dramas, telefilms, shows, OSTs, and schedules. Watch HUM Arabia Dramas Online Latest All Episodes in Arabic Dubbed. Discover dramas to watch featuring outstanding casts, profound direction, and remarkable stories. The best dramas of HUM tv on your fingertips.

HUM Arabia promises to serve as a gateway to exciting Arabic content, giving Arabic-speaking viewers access to the best Pakistani TV channel in Pakistan. From a variety of beloved HUM TV shows, from heartwarming family dramas to romantic sagas, HUM Arabia will feature a variety of content that has been carefully curated and curated to stay on – be true to the main presentation.

HUM Arabia Entertainment Youtube Channel – LIVE

Pakistan’s first Arabic entertainment youtube channel “HUM ARABIA” is here to bring you the very best of Pakistani entertainment, now in Arabic. From heartwarming dramas to gripping movies and delightful programs, we’ve got it all. Stay tuned for a non-stop dose of drama, excitement, and unlimited entertainment.

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