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Famous TV actress Urvashi Dholakia by the name of Komolika has celebrated the birthday of her twin sons. Despite opening the lockdown, he has celebrated the birthday in a great manner in a lockdown-like condition. Urvashi has also shared photos of this celebration.

In these pictures, both his sons Kshitij and Sagar Dholakia are seen cutting the cake. At the same time Urvashi’s mother is also involved in the happiness of both her daughters.

Apart from the four people, Kshitij and Sagar’s special birthday cake can also be seen in the photo. Apart from three different cakes, Urvashi arranged for another special cake which consists of Tiktok, Pabji, Instagram, and Ludo King apps. It is also very different to watch.

Urvashi Dholakia’s son, aged 25, became a mother at the age of 17
The actress has expressed her happiness in the caption with photos.

He wrote- ‘I cannot say anything about the previous night because I cannot ask for anything more than this.’ He wrote this for both his sons and mother.

At the same time, Kshitij and Sagar have also shared photos of birthday celebrations on Instagram. Sagar writes- ‘Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday to all my friends and loved ones who made me feel special.’

With this, Sagar thanked his mother and grandmother and wrote- ‘Thank you for doing this birthday celebration in Quarantine. I did not expect this. Once and thanks to all. It means a lot to me.

At the same time, Kshitij wrote – ‘Happy birthday to me and my other half. Thank you @ urvashidholakhia9 for bringing us into this world. I just can’t tell how much I love you. You are the most important person for me. @kaushaldholakia (Nani) I love you very much too. ‘

Thank you granny for always being present for all of us. I don’t know what happens if you are not people. God thank you too for giving me such people. I love you all so much.

Please tell that Urvashi is a single mother. He has raised both his sons alone. He has mentioned this thing many times.

During this time, he has also faced a lot of struggle. Urvashi had discussed this in some interviews. She not only shares mother’s relationship with her two sons but also shares the relationship.

Some time ago in an interview, when Urvashi was asked about the career of her sons, the actress gave this answer.

She said that as a mother she always wishes her children well. But they have to work hard.

Nothing will come in their plate. Please tell that at the age of 17, Urvashi became a mother. Despite being a single mother, she has raised Betoen brilliantly.

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