Money Heist Season 4 Date

Upcoming Show on Netflix: Money Heist Season 4 Release Date, Cast, & Other Updates

Netflix popular show Money Heist will mark his return in April on the Netflix Streaming App, after eight months of waiting.

Money Heist is a Spanish series-based Netflix original show on a mastermind Criminal, who plans for the vast Money Heist in the recorded history. Accordingly, ‘The Professor’ as the protagonist goes by the name, plans out for the heist and gathers people with unique abilities, and who has nothing to look back on or lose anything.

When will season 4 of Money Heist release on Netflix?

Soon after the release of the Money Heist 2nd season, Netflix ordered the production of 16 episodes, which was to be divided into two separate seasons. With the first part (3rd season) releasing in 2019, the second part (4th season) is about to drop on Netflix April 3, 2020.

Money Heist Season 4: Cast

The cast has been confirmed for the fourth season in the new trailer for the show.

The old faces from the central cast of the show include the Professor played by Alaro Morte, Ursula Corbero as Tokyo, Jaime Lorente as Denver, Luca Peros as Marsella, Esther Acebo as Stockholm, and Miguel Herran as Rio.

There were some surprises in the current Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and in Nairobi (Alba Flores), whose fate at the end of the three was uncertain. Other cast members for the new series are expected to include Najiva Nimri as Alicia Sierra and Enrique Aers as Artiver Roman.

Money Heist Season 4: Trailer

Yes, Netflix has released a video teaser and which will on-screen April 3rd, 2020.

The short clip shows all of the major players in their stunning red jumpsuit being ready for the next outing.

Returning characters included Tokyo, Rio, Professor, and Denver. The most significant impact of the new trailer was that Nairobi is still alive.

Will part 4 of Money Heist be the final season?

As for whether season 4 of Money Heist is going to be the final season has yet to be confirmed. We’ve heard rumors that work is already ongoing on a fifth part but nothing has yet to be confirmed.


  1. Eagerly waiting for the Season IV.

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