Udaariyaan 8th July 2021

Udaariyaan 8th July 2021 Written Update Episode 100

Udaariyaan 8th July 2021 Written Update Episode 100 by Colors Tv. Read Online Udaariyaan 8th July 2021 Episode Written Update on entertainmentzone.me. Watch Online Udaariyaan Episode 100 Today Latest New Full Episode Video Serial By Colors Tv.

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Udaariyaan 8th July 2021 Written Update Episode 100

Udaariyaan 8th July 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Fateh Agrees To Meet Gippy

Today’s Udariyaan 8th July 2021 Episode Start With Fateh takes care of Tejo very well. He said that now I understand why you stopped me and corrected my things, and I promise you that I will never fight with you. She smiled. Remember what Jasmine said. She said she must talk to you. He said yes, that time my dad called me, and then… told me. She said that we decided not to talk about her, but about her. She met me in college.

He asks if you forgave her. She said she is my sister, I want her to be happy, Gippy wants to see you once, her business won’t go on until then. Gibi asked why, I have seen Fata twice. Jasmin said that this is not a proper meeting. You said you want to make sure that Fateh has nothing to do with me.

Gippy said I’m pretty sure Fateh cares about Tejo. Fateh said don’t drag me into this, I don’t care about her, she kept this request. Yew said this is Gippy’s lawsuit. Gibby said I don’t want to see him. Jasmine said that you want to see him. I don’t want to have any problems in the future. I am worried about one thing.

It is difficult to forget the one-sided love. He once loved me very much, but not me. He once loved me. Tell me I love you day and night, I never told him that I love you too, I think love happens after marriage, I think he behaves well in front of Tejo, do you understand, maybe he let us in trouble. That’s what Gippy said, so I have to meet him. She will be happy. It says that for your satisfaction, we don’t have to stay here forever. Jasmin thinks I want Tejo to convince Fateh.

Tejo asks Fateh to meet Gippy, Jasmin is in trouble. Fatah said she would solve it by herself. Tejo said yes, I will ask how long we will support her. Fateh said just look at your waist and don’t think about it all. he goes. Jasmin received a video call from Gippy. She replied. Mommy saw that Jasmine was about to speak. Satie said they spoke very well. Mom said it was her drama.

Gippy asked Fateh and me whether the reunion was successful. Jasmin said that Tejo said that he is very busy at the academy and you are very happy to meet him. Gibby said I am very happy to marry you and plan my honeymoon. She will be angry. She said sorry, the phone dropped, I will call later, Tejo called. She answered Tejo’s call. Tejo said that I talked to Fateh and I slipped and injured in the bathroom today. Jasmine said worriedly that I’m here, you always do. Tejo said Fateh was taking care of me, don’t tell my parents. She hung up the phone. She thought of Jasmine and smiled.

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