Udaariyaan 7th September 2021

Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 Written Update Episode 152

Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 Written Update Episode 152 by Colors Tv. Read Online Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 Episode Written Update on entertainmentzone.me. Watch Online Udaariyaan Episode 152 Today Latest New Full Episode Video Serial By Colors Tv.

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Watch Online Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 Episode 152 Video Updates Colors Tv Show. Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 Today Episode Written Update Read Online. Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 Written Update Suspicion act.

Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 Written Update Today Episode 152

Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Tejo Questions Fateh

Heartbroken Tejo comes home and weeps for getting fooled by Fateh, starts to think about his lovely gestures. Meanwhile, When Fateh comes back home, Tejo confronts him for cheating her over Jasmine. How will Fateh handle the situation now?

Today’s Udariyaan 7th September 2021 Episode Start With Khushbeer asked where Fatah was and when she would come. Tejo said that I did not speak to him. She cried and ran back to her room. Kaisi raah pe… .play… Tejo cried thinking about him. She looks forward to it. Remember the words of Fateh and Jasmin. Fata went home. Udaariyaan 7th September 2021

Tejo looked at him and remembered his words. He said you haven’t slept yet, when did you come back? She asked how the party was. It said it was great, and I really like it. She asked if someone didn’t want me, why didn’t his wife come to the party. Tejo said I told you that this is a boy’s party, and no one brought his wife. Fatah said you are fine today. Tejo said yes, how good I am, otherwise, I would miss a lot. He said that at least we both like it. It’s okay if you didn’t come with me, otherwise, you will be bored.

She said that a strange thing happened today. There was a man, he was married, but he brought his girlfriend to the party, and he acted as if she was his wife. You want to drink water. She said that I love his wife, poor girl, and my friend said that her husband is like this, and his wife should be open-minded and accept everything he does. He dropped the glass and she walked on the broken glass. She asks what you think if the wife accepts her to live for her husband, and he promises others. Udaariyaan 7th September 2021 New Episode Written Update

He said they would hurt you. She said that the pain is nothing, compared to the girl’s pain, what do you think? The wife prays for her husband day and night, and he is holding other people’s hands. Don’t you think it’s better for your wife to stay alone? I have no idea. If he lied that he came just as he said, that he had work or meetings, or spent the night with friends, his poor wife would not know that he loved others. He said that maybe this is the case… She said that this kind of situation can force a person to grieve, not to deceive.

Remember Tejo and Buzo. She said that cheating on her life partner is unreasonable. He said that maybe his wife was cheating on him. She said no, I knew his wife well, she did not cheat, she honestly followed her Patni dharm. He said your feet are bleeding. She said I’m fine, go to sleep. She left the room. He looks good. Al fala … play … He was wondering why Tejo is like this, right? He lay down to sleep. Tycho remembered what he said.

she cried. She went to the terrace. She drinks water. Jugni … play … She remembers Fateh and Jasmin. She is sitting in the rain. Early in the morning, Fateh woke up and looked for Tejo. Check the bathroom. He wondered where he went. He came to ask everyone about the yew. Gurpreet and Mahi said that we did not see her. Fatah said I was going to college. It went out in the car. The yew viewed from the terrace. She remembered his words.

Fateh said that your ticket to Canada has been booked. Jasmin checked and said, but our visa did not come. It’s very simple, we can book a new ticket and set off. She said wow, Fatah, my dream will come true. Tejo saw the plane and remembered his words. Jasmin said that we will start our new life in Canada. You have always been mine, and you will also be mine. Biji asked Tejo if you haven’t gone to college, okay, come and talk to us.

Jasmine said that you are very lucky, thank you, you will spend your life with me, forget the tension, we will be together. He drew her closer and told her that we would be together forever. Yew reaches everyone. Nimmo said that Tejo must lead the family forward. Gurpreet said that I am waiting for good news from new members. Nimmo said he plans to have a child soon, Tejo. Jasmin said this is the Udaariyaan of my dreams.

Tejo got the paper airplane. She remembered Jasmine. The children came to ask about their plane. The girl said that we don’t keep other people’s things, please return the plane to me. The children left by plane. Tycho responded to Jasmine’s words and ran into the house. Sweety said Jasmin, you are shopping. Jasmine said I want to tell you some good news.

Jasmin said Fateh’s love is the reason for my brilliance. Promote shampoo. Yew entered the room. She packed her clothes. She broke Fatah and her picture. She called Jasmine and told her I needed to see you. Jasmine asks how are you? Tejo said yes, I want to see you, I will send you a message to the address, I have a surprise for you. Jasmine said it’s okay, I’ll go. Tejo calls Fateh.

He asks where you are and you are not at home. She asks where you are. Said it was college. She asked how long I need to say something a little bluff. She said I was until 6 o’clock. She hung up the phone and took out the gun from the drawer.

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