Udaariyaan 4th September 2021

Udaariyaan 4th September 2021 Written Update Episode 150

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Udaariyaan 4th September 2021 Written Update Today Episode 150

Udaariyaan 4th September 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Jasmine’s Mother Gets A Burnt Passport

Today’s Udariyaan 4th September 2021 Episode Start With Fateh and Jasmin came to the party. He said I was looking for my friend. He greeted Satinder and said: know my wife Jasmin. Jasmine said I want to enjoy this night with you. They come in. The red beans are here. This lady wants a card. Yew said that I actually left the card at home. Jasmin said Di Paneer, images will come in handy. They take pictures. Deepti hugs Tejo and asks him what happened.

Tejo said I left the card at home. Deepti said she is my friend, write to the Virk couple. Satinder congratulates Jasmin and Fateh. Tejo said that I will meet Nikki and her fiance. Jasmin said that we will soon become NRI. Nikki asked which country he came from. Jasmin speaks of Canada. They have a chat. Deepti acquired Yew. The waiter gets a drink. The drink fell on Jasmine’s saree. Jasmin said I would clean it up and come over.

Fatah said I will go. They go. Deepti said he knew my friend Tejo. Yew congratulations. Nicky hugs her. She said I will see you in five years, didn’t your husband come? Tejo said he was very busy. Fateh hugged Jasmin tightly and said that I was looking at my beautiful wife carefully. You are right, it is fun to meet her like this, without any fear. Deepti said you miss your husband, right.

Tejo said that they all came with their partners, so I found it very strange, I called him, did he miss me? Fatah knelt down and asked Jasmine if he wanted to marry me. When we start a new journey, everything should be new. Do you want to marry me? Jasmine smiled and said yes. He asked her to wear a ring. They dance very closely. Yew sat alone. She said I would go after the ring ceremony. The waiter asked him for a few drinks. She asked if it was hard liquor. He said no, you can buy it in the bar.

Fatah came to the bar counter. Yao saw it. She said Fateh… the waiter asked something else. She said no, thank you. She saw Fatah was missing. She went there to have a look. She said why do I think Fatah is here, really…? No, why are you here? He will attend the gathering of his friends. Jasmin ordered a whiskey. Fatah said wine. Tejo thought, maybe he saw the invitation card and came to surprise me. Fateh said that with it, you will say more good things. Jasmine drank and made faces. They laughed.

Tejo looked around and said if Fatah is here, why doesn’t she call me, maybe she wants to surprise me. Jasmin said I have a cute boy, thank you, I love you Fateh. Fatah said I love you. Tejo is looking for him. Satie said that Jasmine ruined the room and she didn’t clean things. She opened the drawer. You get a burned passport. She checked. She said who burned this passport. Get Jasmine’s passport. She said it was lost. She remembered what Jasmine said. She called Molly.

Jasmin said that tonight is going to be a good night, and I told her at home that I would spend the night at Sweety’s house, so this is our night. Fateh asks if you have been smart since you were young, or if you are in my company. Tejo calls Fateh. She said where he is. He said I left my phone in the car. Satinder invited them to dance. Satti asked Rupy to look at Jasmin’s passport and the burned passport. Udaariyaan 4th September 2021

Why did Jasmin lie to Gippy and what she was thinking? Ruby thought. Get your passport. It says that it is your passport and Dilraj’s passport. Where is my passport? Did you give Jasmine my passport? She asked me why I gave it. He said that I only have a blacklist poke, and who else can it be? Tell me. She asked Jasmine how she got this if she burned it. He said he would definitely make a difference. Miss sister said to change the ring, everyone will give the couple flowers, this is for you. Fatah asked him to give it to his wife.

The old lady said it was her husband who gave her, and everyone gave flowers to the couple. Tejo said thank you, Fateh, where are you? Satinder said where Fateh went. Tejo asks if you have named Fateh. He said yes, we are childhood sweethearts, how did you know him? She actually said. Nicky came and said that Gunite had arrived. he goes. She said he wanted to come to this party to surprise me, where are you? Nikki asked Fateh and Jasmin to remove the masks and put them on. Fatah asked what we must do. Satinder said wait and see.

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