Udaariyaan 2nd September 2021

Udaariyaan 2nd September 2021 Written Update Episode 148

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Watch Online Udaariyaan 2nd September 2021 Episode 148 Video Updates Colors Tv Show. Udaariyaan 2nd September 2021 Today Episode Written Update Read Online. Udaariyaan 2nd September 2021 Written Update Suspicion act.

Udaariyaan 2nd September 2021 Written Update Today Episode 148

Udaariyaan 2nd September 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Tejo Finds Visa Papers

When Fateh’s father asks Tejo to fetch some business papers from Fateh’s closet, Tejo finds Fateh and Jasmine’s visa papers instead. As she is about to check them, she is interrupted. Will Tejo be able to see the date on the visa?

Today’s Udariyaan 2nd September 2021 Episode Start With Tejo’s sacrifice returned home to check the visa documents, but Fateh arrived at the same time to stop her and distract her from reading the documents. Tejo cannot see the visa application date. Fateh will be free from Tejo, but not from her suspicion, which is aggravated by her strange behavior. Tejo wants Fateh to talk to her, discuss the things that bother him, and resolve their differences through conversation. Fateh did not argue with Tejo as a punishment to solve her trap.

Fateh decided to deceive her and kept her in the dark until she fled to Canada with Jasmin. In the next song, Tejo will meet Jasmin and Fateh through his friends’ engagement party, where he sees them introducing themselves as lovers. Tejo will be surprised to find that Fateh chose Jasmin instead of her. Fateh still loves Jasmin and wants to live with her in Canada. Fatah didn’t say anything to her, but she would know the whole truth.

Tejo will also learn about Fateh and Jasmin’s plans in Canada. He faced Fatah and Jasmine. If she wants to take her place, he asks Jasmine to enter Fata’s home and life. Tejo happily made sacrifices for Jasmin. She is part of Fatah’s life. She told him that Jasmine wanted to win over Fatah, and even Fatah wanted to live with Jasmine. She wished them all the best and realized their dreams and told them that there is no place for her in Fatah’s house. She asked Jasmine to be with her old love and start a new life. She took Jasmine into the house and left.

Tejo made a huge sacrifice for the two most special people in his life. Will Fateh understand Tejo’s sacrifice and value her? Did Fateh and Tejo’s marriage just end like this? Keep reading for more updates. Coming soon: Tejo met his colleague at university, and the colleague told him that his sister was married to a boy from NRI. She asked Tejo to commemorate the ceremony. Tejo extends his best wishes to Nikki. Received an invitation to Nikki’s engagement ceremony. Tejo agreed to participate in the ceremony. Fateh and Jasmin dressed according to a retro theme.

Jasmin was very happy to meet Fateh’s friends and introduced herself as her life partner. Jasmin and Fateh shook hands and arrived at the scene, not knowing that Tejo also arrived there. Udaariyaan September 1, 2021, Tejo’s sacrifice written update: Tejo reviews the visa form. You can’t find the form in the envelope. Fateh took the form to Jasmin. He tells you that now that you have the visa documents, you don’t have to worry about it. Mahi provides help to Tejo. Tejo said he was looking for some documents.

Tejo told him that everything was fine. Mahi asks about the battle between Tejo and Fateh. Tejo said that they did not fight and were not nervous. She invited Marcy to come to class. He decided to go to the college to ask Fatah about visa documents. Jasmin is happy that they were not caught by Tejo. She told Fatah that she was very excited about the engagement party. She asked Fatah to take her to go shopping. Fata embraced her happily.

Mahi asked Tejo if he had a patch with Fateh. Tejo said she went to the college, but he was not there. Mahi told him Fatah had gone home. Fateh vented her anger at the thought of Tejo’s relationship with Buzo. Tejo meets Fateh to fight him. She asked Fatah why he didn’t answer her call. Fatah asked what he was going to say.

She told him that she put Jasmin and her visa form in an envelope, and then she found that the envelope was missing, and she did not receive the form when she checked again. Fateh is worried that he will not deal with his personal affairs. She asked him about the form and the truth behind the visa application. Fata can’t tell him the truth. He told her that he had applied for a visa, and Tejo asked if the form was out of date.

Fatah had a thought, lied to him that these forms were old and she tore them up and threw them away. Tejo’s heart calmed down. He asked Tejo if he doubted him again. By linking him with Jasmine, he asked her to stop thinking about her adventures. He acted too naively and told her he didn’t want to go home to argue with her. She felt suspicious of him.

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