Udaariyaan 25th August 2021

Udaariyaan 25th August 2021 Written Update Episode 141

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Udaariyaan 25th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 141

Udaariyaan 25th August 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Tejo Shares The News

Tejo shares the good news with Jasmine about her pregnancy, but Jasmine asks her to check with the doctors. After consultation, Tejo learns that she isn’t pregnant. Will Tejo tell Fateh about the test?

Today’s Udariyaan 25th August 2021 Episode Start With Jasmin’s anger, Fateh, was caught between Jasmin and Tejo this time. Jasmin learned of the close relationship between Fateh and Tejo and knew that Fateh brags about her true love for Jasmin, which is very unexpected. She could not imagine that he could deceive her by approaching Tejo.

Fateh and Tejo spent the night on a remote farm, which gave Tejo the impression that she was pregnant. Although Tejo’s pregnancy is still a dream for her, she remains calm and hopes that if Fateh’s relationship with them goes as smoothly as before, she will receive good news soon. Tejo hopes that this child will make their marriage unbreakable. I didn’t know Fateh would regret that night and never considered her for Jasmin.

Tejo doesn’t know that Jasmin and Fateh are still in love, they want to get married, they want to have their future together, and become selfishly enjoying their lives, regardless of Tejo. Tejo was still naive and ignorant of all the dramas Jasmin presented. Jasmin is really grateful that Tejo is not pregnant, otherwise, it would not be easy for Fateh to get rid of Tejo and the baby.

Jasmin is lucky to know the truth behind Tejo’s pregnancy hypothesis. Fake news revealed the truth about Fatah. Jasmin realized that Fate and Tejo had gotten closer when they were out at night. She questioned Fateh and Tejo the night that he crossed the boundary, telling him that he was trying to restore his love, he was trying to fight for his love, he was trying to get Fateh back, and he was looking for peace. this. Yo.

She confronted him and deceived her. He obviously lied that he was not interested in Yew, and he didn’t love Yew at all. Jasmine felt Fatah was different from other men. She felt that she was wrong, and even Fateh couldn’t wait for her true love to move on with his wife. She accused Fatah of surrendering her rights to him to Tejo so easily.

Fateh was shocked to realize that her lie had been discovered. He can’t lose Jasmine. He also lied that he had nothing to do with Tejo. Jasmin asked him about Tejo’s pregnancy. Fata couldn’t believe it. She told him that Tejo had told her about his close relationship, which made her think she was pregnant. Fateh becomes desperate and Jasmin asks Fateh about her relationship with Tejo.

Fata was speechless. Until now, he has been lying to Jasmine and Tejo. Jasmin doesn’t want me to lie anymore. When Fatah lied to her again, she slapped him angrily. She only asked him to tell the truth. How would Fateh answer when he forgot his so-called love for Jasmin (he used to call it adoration) and was attracted to Tejo? Comment on your opinion. continue reading.

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