Udaariyaan 24th August 2021

Udaariyaan 24th August 2021 Written Update Episode 140

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Udaariyaan 24th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 140


Tejo catches Fateh and Jasmine, leaving the house hurriedly without any explanation. Furthermore, Jasmine insists that Fateh tell Tejo the truth about their affair as soon as possible. Will Fateh reveal the truth to Tejo?

Today’s Udariyaan 24th August 2021 Episode Start With Tejo annoys Jasmine because she is pregnant. Jasmine was stunned. She asked Fatah if he knew. Tejo said that no one knew about it, so he told Jasmine first. Tejo ecstatically announced the good news to her family and Fateh. Tejo asked Jasmine why she was quiet and she was not happy. Jasmine lied that she was very open and didn’t know how to remember it. Jasmine hugs Tejo to congratulate her.

Tejo wants to call Fateh, but Jasmine blocks Tejo and tells her that she shouldn’t report such important news on the phone. Tejo said he was right, and he would tell her to know Fateh so that he could see her happiness when he heard the news. Jasmine called Tejo and said that Tejo must confirm that she is pregnant. Tejo said she tested the pregnancy kit and the result was positive.

Jasmine said they couldn’t believe the pregnancy kit. She made up a story that the same thing happened to her friend’s sister. Her pregnancy kit tested positive, but the doctor later denied it. Therefore, Tejo should confirm her pregnancy with the doctor before notifying Fateh. Tejo agreed and said she could not go alone and asked Jasmine to accompany her. Jasmine agreed.

Tejo and Jasmine are on their way. Tejo appreciates the children playing in the street. Fateh returned home and called Tejo. Gurpreet said that Tejo hadn’t gone home yet and told Fateh to call Tejo and ask if he didn’t go with Buzo. Fatah said she started again. Fateh called Tejo. Tejo was so excited that he didn’t notice Fateh’s call. Then Fata called Molly. The latter will not answer your call. She wondered how Fateh dared to deceive her, if Tejo was really pregnant, she would not leave Fateh.

Fateh wants to know why Tejo and Jasmine did not receive her call. Suspect them together. When Amrik arrives there, Fateh asks Amrik if he knows where Tejo is. Amric said he didn’t know. Amrik remembered Nimmo’s words and said that even if Jasmine did not answer his phone, he did not go to college.

Amric asked if he knew where she was. Fateh said she didn’t know, she didn’t talk to him. In the hospital, Jasmine wanted to know why Fata had lied to her. She wants to know if Tejo is really pregnant. At that moment, Fatah arrived in search of Tejo. He asked Jasmine what she was doing here. Jasmine said she was with Tejo.

Fateh apologized to Jasmine, saying that everything between them was over and her child was coming to see Tejo. Jasmine looked surprised. It turned out to be Jasmine’s dream. Fatah called Jasmine and asked where she was. The nurse asked Jasmine if she was coming with the patient and asked her to come in. Jasmine hung up and left. Fateh wants to know who Jasmine will be with, and the doctor asks Jasmine to take care of Tejo.

The latter cried. Jasmine asked what happened. Yew said that Jasmine was right, she was not pregnant. That test was wrong. The doctor told Tejo that this happened sometimes, she could still try to have a baby, and then she left. Tejo cried and said that she was happy to think that she would become the mother of Fateh’s child, and her child would make their relationship stronger, and no one could separate them. Zi Yue cried loudly. Jasmine comforted her.

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