Udaariyaan 23rd August 2021

Udaariyaan 23rd August 2021 Written Update Episode 138

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Watch Online Udaariyaan 23rd August 2021 Episode 138 Video Updates Colors Tv Show. Udaariyaan 23rd August 2021 Today Episode Written Update Read Online. Udaariyaan 23rd August 2021 Written Update Suspicion act.

Udaariyaan 23rd August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 138

Udaariyaan 23rd August 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Fateh Stops Jasmine

In today’s episode, After Fateh refuses to pick up Jasmine’s calls and talk to her, the latter confronts Fateh in person and tells him that she will reveal the truth about their relationship to Tejo. Will Jasmine act on her threats and reveal the truth to Tejo?

Today’s Udariyaan 23rd August 2021 Episode Start With Fateh drove Jasmin. Run with the car. Think about Tejo and Jasmin. He saw a speeding truck approaching them. Open the seat belt and accelerate the car. Jasmine sat quietly. The seat belt was also removed. Fata looked at her. He drove the car aside and stopped. Weep when we get out of the car. Jasmine invited him over. He hugged her and started crying.

Tejo called him and asked him why he didn’t answer. Fatah asks why you are doing this. Jasmine said I love you too much, and I can’t live without you. Fatah said never to talk about death again. Jasmin called Tejo. Tejo asks where you suddenly went. Jasmin said Sweety called me and told me about popular quizzes. I asked Fateh to take me to college. We had to go. I’m sorry, I’ll talk to you later.

She hung up the phone. Yew said what the kid wanted to tell me. Jasmin said you will tell Tejo everything, I can’t play hide and seek, I know you can’t lie anymore, tell him everything. At dawn, Fatah said I was leaving you. Tejo remembers what Simran said. She said that I would go with the driver. It said please. She said it was okay and went to take a bath. They all answer the phone. Yew said he hadn’t heard of Sameer before.

Fateh said he is a friend of my university, he lives in Delhi, which is Urvashi. Tejo says she is a teacher. She went to answer Simran’s call. Take the call from Jasmine. Jasmine said I won’t give you more time. Fatah said we will meet and talk. Simran asks if you want to come and have lunch with us. Yew said yes, they will arrive within an hour. She said that I would go with the driver. Fateh said it’s okay, Sameer is here, I will go. She said I have to go to lunch with Urvashi. Well said She left and met Jasmine.

She argued with him. She said that I gave up my Canadian dream for you, I am going to marry Jipi, and you come to participate in my engagement. He said that my family does not like you, you think they will accept you, your family will forgive you, there is Tejo, Tejo fell in love with me, he loves me very much. Tejo and Buzo are together. It says you love Simran, right? He nodded.

She said that I told you before how long you will lie and tell Fatah everything. The diver said if Khushbeer knew this. She said, I will talk to my uncle, he will accept you, I will give these sweets for Prasad to Gurpreet and Fatah, I don’t like lying. Say thank you for lying to us. She said I was afraid of lying.

Jasmin asked why you stopped the car. We died yesterday. I can’t live without you. Maybe the family hates us and lets us leave. He said no, my family has lost Simran, they can’t lose me, Guplet would die without me. She said that if we are not united, I will die, so let’s decide. He said we will decide, she said I found a way, we will run away, we will come back when things get better, Tejo is broad-minded, he will forgive us, marriage can be forced, but love cannot, you.

Now I have two choices, either run away with me or tell them the truth, Tejo will understand that you love me, not Tejo. The diver said that Khushbeer would threaten me with a gun.

Tejo smiled. Gurpreet and Nimmo are on the flower stand. Gurpreet saw Tejo and Buzo in the car. He said he told me he was going to teach in a small place nearby. Nimmo thinks about what is happening, Jasmin and Fateh, Tejo and Diver. They go home. Nimmo asked Gurpreet to ask Tejo. Gurpreet asked how you are now. Yew said well, accept this prasad. Gurpreet asks if you have been to Gurudwara.

Tejo said yes, it doesn’t matter. Gurpreet likes it. She asked how the class was. You were late today. Tejo said he went to Gurudwara, that’s why. Gurpreet asks if you are going alone. Tejo said yes, why. Gurpreet said he was just asking. Amrik arrived, and Tejo was in a bad mood. Gurpreet said you may have heartburn, I will give you peppermint water. Amrik asks what you are listening to. Nimmo said that Jasmin had an affair with Fateh, and Tejo had an affair with Buzo. He asks what you do with these stories, it’s impossible.

He said that Gurpreet and I have seen Tejo and Buzo together. Gurpreet arrives in Fatah. Talk about Tejo and Buzo. He said I’m sure there is no such thing. She said I asked her, she denied it and said she was hiding something. He said you think they have an affair. She said no, but it was strange, why did she hide it? He said that maybe she was helping him, and he didn’t want her to tell us that anyone can lie in this house, even me, but Tejo can’t lie. She said maybe you are right

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