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Udaariyaan 1st September 2021 Written Update Episode 147

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Udaariyaan 1st September 2021 Written Update Today Episode 147

Udaariyaan 1st September 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Fateh Searches For Clues

Today’s Udariyaan 1st September 2021 Episode Start With Jasmin said that I found my love. He said that Tejo saw me and understood my mentality. It says to stay away from that Jwala, why can’t I call her Jwala, if you can all call me Chameli, Jwala will never burn my love. Tejo said I would ask Fateh what she wants. Fata went home. Tejo asked what happened, you are not talking to me.

Fateh said let me in, I went to lunch with a client, why are you creating such a big problem? She said that I am your wife, what have you been doing these past few days and how this is happening, I want to know. He said I don’t need to say anything, you should know what you did wrong. She said tell me what I did wrong. He said let me in, I am tired, and I want to send an urgent e-mail. She asked if you have to complete all the work at home, so why do you apologize to the college? He said it doesn’t matter, I will finish all my work in college.

She said I was talking to you. It says, but I am not talking to you. He is leaving. Jasmine is dancing on the lawn of her house. Fateh thought of Tejo. He stopped the jeep. Tejo said what’s wrong with you Fateh, I’m just asking you some answers. Jasmin said I couldn’t believe it. Fateh and I went to Canada together. My two dreams are being realized. Now he is mine. I don’t need to share him with Tejo. Sweetheart is home. Jasmine hugged her. Sweety asked why you called me. Fateh decided to tell her family.

Jasmine thought I wanted to tell her, but she might have poor eyesight. Baby is here, say I am happy after seeing you for a long time, keep happy. Jasmine said that the blessings of the elders doubled the fun. The baby is gone. Sweetheart asked Beibei if she knew. Jasmin said that she knew there was a boy, but she didn’t know it was Fateh. Sweety asked him if he would be happy to hear that he is Fateh.

Jasmin said no, I don’t care, everyone thinks about Tejo’s happiness, why don’t I think about my happiness? Tomorrow is a new day in my new life. At dawn, Tejo looked around. Khushbeer asks if you are looking for Fateh. She said yes. He said he is gone, I am leaving you, I want his university certificate, hurry up. she goes. Jasmin asked Fateh over and they came to cut the cake. He said to give up, you always do children’s things. She asked what happened and why he was in a bad mood. It said nothing.

Tejo reviewed some documents. It is said that in Tejo’s behavior if she had an affair with Buzo, she would not look into my eyes. An envelope fell down. Khushbeer calls Tejo. She said it was coming. Look at the paper. She said about the visa documents for Fateh and Jasmin. Jasmin asks what you mean. Fateh said I must know if Tejo and Buzo have an affair. Khushbeer asks if you have any documents. Tejo hides files. Just say it, I got it from Amrik, come on. She keeps the files. Jasmin said that we should not care about this, we should celebrate. Fateh said to come with me and put down the cake.

Tejo remembers Fateh’s words. she goes. The diver receives your call. She asks if you are going to see Simran and Candy today. he said yes. She said to meet up outside the house, I must give candy candies. Say ok, I’m coming, I have to talk about Fatah’s kid. She hung up the phone and said what she wanted to talk about. Fateh said that Buzo’s house is in that alley. See Buzo leave. He said I wanted to see if he met Tejo.

Jasmine said that’s it, we are leaving here. He said he was going to meet Tejo at the university. She said you really love Tejo, and you still miss her. He stopped the car and said I love you, how could you think so? She said that after a turnaround, we won’t go there, we don’t need to find out. He said it was okay. Udaariyaan 1st September 2021

Buzo remembers Fateh’s words: Tejo said that something was bothering him. His behavior was strange, and I didn’t understand it myself. He asked him if he suspected that you were hiding something. She said no, it was something else. Khushbeer asked me to get her certificate. I saw it… He smiled and said that you scared me. She said it was serious. Who knows that the form is old.

Jasmin and Fateh cut the cake. She said I was very happy and we were going to Canada. The diver asks if you checked the date. Yew said no, Khushbeer was here. Diver said you check the date and Fateh hates Jasmin now. Fatah received a call. Jasmin said it will be Tejo. The diver said that the relationship broke down due to a misunderstanding, and I don’t want your relationship to break down.

Fateh said why you are upset, you want to tell everyone that we love each other and we will spend the night together tomorrow. She asked how and where. He said that my friend from Satinder School went to study in London. He came back because of his engagement and my family did not know him. She asked where it was. Milinda Hall said. She really asked, okay, you will forget Tejo and Buzo. Udaariyaan 1st September 2021

The diver said to go home and check the date. Think of Tejo. Jasmin said that we would wear matching clothes. If Fateh said that, Tejo would ask for a lot of things. Jasmin said you were talking about new clothes, such as visa documents. Where did you put them? Said it was at home. What she asked, Tejo could see. He said relax, I will get the file before you kill me. he goes. Tejo is on the way. You think I must check the date.

Fatah drove home. Red Bean is home. Nimmo asked him why he was so anxious and came to see dupattas. Gurpreet said yes, the colors are also good. Tejo looked at his room. Gurpreet said it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to. Tejo said no, I have a kid job, I will be 5 minutes later. Nimmo said he doesn’t care about you. Tejo thinks he wants Buzo to be right. She received the envelope. Fatah is still on the way.

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