Udaariyaan 17th August 2021

Udaariyaan 17th August 2021 Written Update Episode 134

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Watch Online Udaariyaan 17th August 2021 Episode 134 Video Updates Colors Tv Show. Udaariyaan 17th August 2021 Today Episode Written Update Read Online. Udaariyaan 17th August 2021 Written Update Suspicion act.

Udaariyaan 17th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 134

Udaariyaan 17th August 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Tejo Doubts Jasmine

In today’s episode, Fateh has suddenly fallen on the floor when jasmine is along with him. Jasmine feels tension and shouts Fateh and asking him please open his eyes and running towards the road. Once jasmine reached the road she finds a cab and stops the cab. In that cab, jasmine finds her relatives.

Today’s Udariyaan 17th August 2021 Episode Start With Fateh asked for a charger. Mahi said that your necklace is wrong, wait a minute, I will fix it. He asks if you can do it with an iron. She said yes. She uses a hair straightener. Amrik came to ask who your friend is and who is sick. Tejo said you did not go to Chandigarh. Fatah asked what you were talking about. He moved. It makes you burn. Ma Xi asked him to stand up. He said that I don’t want to give any explanation.

Amrik asked why you are defending. I know all your sick friends. Fatah said there was a friend. he goes. Amrik said there was a problem. Tejo asks where you are going. Fatah said the college. She asked how your friend is. He said it well. She asked if we could have lunch together. He said I will be in the college, you don’t have to wait. He is leaving. Amric looked at him and followed him. Fateh stopped the car and Amrik stopped far away.

Jasmin saw Amrik’s car and hid behind it. She was thinking about doing something, if Amric saw them together, it would be troublesome. She called him and asked if his car had just passed this lane if I was behind, and I looked back. Amrik saw her and asked her to come. She said she was going to college and the car broke down, can you leave me? He said he was okay, look there, I was following Fatah, she behaved very strangely, he said he was going to the college to see who is here, I think this is a problem. She said you know him and everything that happened, and he is working hard to maintain his marriage.

Amrik said maybe you are right, don’t you think he is waiting for someone? Fatah called her. She said it was my friend’s phone number. She responded and spoke. She said that I was on the road and the car broke down. Fortunately, I have Amrik here and I will catch up with him in a while. Fata worried. Yelling, talking about pending orders. It shows what Amrik is doing with Jasmin. He drove away in the car. Jasmin asks if you want to follow Fateh, it doesn’t matter if he lied, maybe he has his reasons, he can’t have an affair if you want to follow him, I go, I want to go to college.

Amrik shook her hand and said no, sorry, I will leave you. Tejo is in college. She was waiting for Fatah. She remembered his words. Jasmine embraced Fatah. He said thank you, you saved me. She said that you are safe by my side. They smile. He said I have to go and the yew will wait for me. She said you always do this. He said sorry, please understand that I must go. She stopped him and asked what it was. He said: Oh, my neck is twisted, Mahi is fixing it with a hair straightener and I hurt myself.

She said that now I understand what you did to convince Tejo last night, you wandered around with a hickey, telling me I don’t know what to believe. He said that Amrik was also there and asked him. He stopped. He said I was not Tejo and told him these false stories. Tejo cried and said you said you would not let me wait, why do you always do this Fateh? She called him out. He saw your call.

Jasmine threw the phone away. It said let me answer. She said you must answer Tejo or me. Tejo said you can’t even answer my call, what is this? Fateh said the mark on her hair straightener, don’t believe me. Jasmine said yes, you are lying to me, I don’t believe you. He said you know that there is no relationship between Tejo and me. Amanpreet asked if the Lord had not come. Yew said to focus on your practice. She left.

Jasmin said you want to express your love and refuse shuffleboard. Fateh said yes, I will sit here, be my Aarti, and let me text her. She said it was unnecessary, Tejo was very sensible, she would understand, and I would take care of everything. He said it’s okay, just go ahead. He pulled her cheek. She hugs him. He held his head.

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