Udaariyaan 16th August 2021

Udaariyaan 16th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 133

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Udaariyaan 16th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 133

Udaariyaan 16th August 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Jasmine Tests Fateh’s Love

Fateh sends Jasmine a bouquet and adds a note, asking for her to meet him. However, Jasmine fails to show up and does not answer Fateh’s calls either, leaving the latter worried about Jasmine’s whereabouts. Will Fateh be able to find Jasmine?

Today’s Udariyaan 16th August 2021 Episode Start With Jasmine saw the hickey on Fatah’s neck. She asked him questions about the brand. Fatah did not answer him. Jasmine yelled at him angrily. He wants you not to worry about the little things. Jasmin told him that he crossed the line by putting a hickey on himself. She was tired of his lies. She told him that he had lied to Tejo before, but now he is also starting to lie to her.

He added that now he doesn’t believe his words or even his promises because of what he is saying and doing. She was angry with him. In the same way, Tejo asked him if he found anything strange. Fatah was already worried about her. When he had told him that he would never question him, he asked him what his problem was, and he doubted him again. He asked Tejo why he did this. She had previously doubted women’s perfumes. He told her that she is now questioning the brand and she can ask any other questions in the future.

He told her that he was fed up with her suspicions, and when she behaved strangely to Tejo, Faateh scanned. He told her that he would not answer her anything, there was no truth she should know. He yelled at her and vented Jasmine’s anger on her. Tejo doesn’t understand the reason for his strange behavior. She wants a clear answer from him, which is why it is enough for Tejo to call him. She prevents him from disrespecting her.

Tejo asked him not to yell at him and hurt his self-esteem because she was his wife, not his slave. She made him worry about his behavior. Tejo wants his love, not any humiliation in the name of love. Tejo defends his dignity. Fateh deliberately fights with Tejo under Jasmin’s orders. He wants to give Tejo a hint about his relationship with Jasmin, he doesn’t care if it hurts his heart. Mahi helps Fateh iron the collar of her shirt. When Fateh reacted to Amrit’s problem, her neck was mistakenly burned. Fateh didn’t want to give Amrik any explanation. Amrik asked his friend for help, which caused him to leave the dinner date with Tejo. Fata lied to him. Amric was skeptical of him.

Tejo also asked Fateh about her friends. Fateh lied to her friend. She invited him to lunch together. He promised her and ran to see Jasmine. Amrik wants to know what happened and follows Fateh to find out if Fateh is not the whereabouts of the academy. Jasmin sees Amrik following Fateh. She avoided Fatah. He didn’t want Amrik to see them together. She called Amrik and went to deceive him. She asked him to send her to college. Amric told him that he was following Fatah, behaving strangely, and lying to Tejo. Jasmin tells him Fateh is loyal to Tejo. She added that Fatah is doing its best to maintain the marriage. Fatah was waiting for her and calling her.

Jasmin told him about Amrik indirectly. Fatah became alert. He left there. Jasmine asked Amrik not to think about bad things, Fatah can never have an affair. If she wants to, she asks Amrik to follow Fateh, but she must go to university. Amric agreed to leave her first. Tejo waits for Fateh to have lunch in the academy, and Fateh spends time with Jasmin after getting rid of Amrik. Fatah told him that he must go to Tejo. Jasmine was angry. She suspected that he saw traces of burns. He told her that Marcy was ironing her neck to help. Jasmin suspected it was a hickey, maybe she persuaded Tejo this way.

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