Udaariyaan 14th August 2021

Udaariyaan 14th August 2021 Written Update Episode 132

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Udaariyaan 14th August 2021 Written Update Episode 132

Udaariyaan 14th August 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Fateh’s Silence Leaves Jasmine Heartbroken

Fateh receives a surprise party from Tejo and the family for his success in running the academy. However, Jasmine gets upset as the function ruins her date with him. Will she sabotage the celebration?

Today’s Udariyaan 14th August 2021 Episode Start With Jasmin was humiliated just to get Fateh to defend her. She thought that once his family crossed the line, he would not back down. She hopes to be as crazy as before in Fatah when she fought against her family for her. Fateh used to fight against her parents and family for Jasmin’s love. He wanted Fatah to talk about their relationship in front of his family. She wants him to admit that he loves her.

Fateh was very angry when he heard that his family made harsh comments on Jasmin and sympathized with her. Despite this, she did not stop, unwavering when she heard Fatah’s words. Surprisingly, he didn’t say anything to his advantage. He also made rude comments about his broken alliance with Gippy. He told his family that Jasmine deserved his sympathy because she was really alone because of her own behavior. He remembers how Jasmine left him in marriage, which led him to marry a wise yew. He said that Jasmin and Tejo are not comparable.

Fatah’s strange behavior broke his heart. He pretended to be rude to her just to maintain the trust of his family. You can’t let anyone know about your adventures. Fate fell on Tejo again. He is good at lying to his family and dealing with Tejo and Jasmin at the same time. Fatah’s character was completely damaged. Tejo felt sorry for Jasmine, who was strong-willed. Jasmin pretends very well and wishes Tejo happiness.

Fateh tried to get in touch with Jasmin because she did a much-needed drama. He called her and convinced her that he would not go anywhere with Tejo as his family planned for him. Jasmin forgave Fateh when she assured her that she would not go anywhere with Tejo. Jasmin doesn’t want Fateh and Tejo’s close relationship.

Jasmine forces him to see her and plan a day’s life with her. She decided to make a plan for Fatah to keep in touch with her forever. She came up with the idea of ​​ending their meeting and frightened Fateh. If he didn’t come to see her, she might take the wrong step. Fateh became very nervous when he discovered how crazy Jasmin was.

He didn’t want her to do anything wrong. On the other hand, Tejo prepared a special dinner with Fateh and organized a spa at home with Mahi’s help. Mahi told Tejo that he would dress her according to Fateh’s choice to make Tejo look the best and leave a vivid impression on Fateh’s senses. Tejo prepares dinner and waits for Fateh to arrive. Plan a romantic moment with Fateh. Tejo weaves many dreams for her night, and Fateh runs to Jasmin at her request.

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