Udaariyaan 10th July 2021

Udaariyaan 10th July 2021 Written Update Episode 102

Udaariyaan 10th July 2021 Written Update Episode 102 by Colors Tv. Read Online Udaariyaan 10th July 2021 Episode Written Update on entertainmentzone.me. Watch Online Udaariyaan Episode 102 Today Latest New Full Episode Video Serial By Colors Tv.

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Udaariyaan 10th July 2021 Written Update Episode 102

Udaariyaan 10th July 2021 Today Upcoming Story: Nimmo Taunts Jasmine | निम्मो ने जैस्मिन पर कसा तंज

Jasmine manipulates Gippy into agreeing to meet with Fateh to make sure he has moved on from Jasmine. However, Fateh rejects Tejo’s request to meet Gippy as he doesn’t want to prove anything to anyone. How will Tejo react to it?

Today’s Udariyaan 10th July 2021 Episode Start With Fateh said there is no need, I will call Gippy to meet him, Jasmin will know. Jasmine is in college. She said that Fateh just acted sweetly to Tejo and he still loves me. She let Sweetheart act in front of Tejo.

Tejo is about to go to university. Sweety came in and played a scene with Jasmin. Ye You. Jasmin said I would not go on a date, I would not meet anyone, and leave here. Tejo asks what you are talking about. Jasmin said that Gippy will ask me about Fateh again. I can’t lie, tell my mother once, and explain to her that my relationship with Gippy can’t happen. She will understand soon. Tejo asked what would happen if you called mom, Fateh met Gippy.

Jasmin asked what, if they meet, you say Fateh doesn’t want to see Gippy. Tejo said that he is meeting with Gippy and he doesn’t want to tell you that your work is done and they are now together. Jasmine was surprised and asked where she was. Tejo says you want this, you should be happy. Jasmin said yes, I want this, thank you Tejo. She hugs Tejo. She thought that if Gippi told Fatah that I asked him to see Fatah, it would be big trouble. Fatah came to see Gibi. Jasmine found an excuse and left.

Fateh asks why you want to see me and what do you want to talk about. Jipi said nothing. Jasmin and Sweety got out of the car. Fatah and Gibi chat. Jasmine came to the cafe. She saw them talking. Gibby saw Jasmine. Now he asks you feel good, you want us to meet and chat, we also meet and chat, you know, Fatah, you are a real gentleman brother, honestly, I praise you very much, really.

Gibby received a call. He will answer the phone. Jasmine asked why you praise me, when you hate me or don’t hate me, you love me. Fateh said don’t pretend to be too smart, you can deceive your sister, not me, I understand you and your game, Gippy doesn’t want to see me, you want me to come here, I’m praising you because I really want you both Get married, they are going to your Canada, forgive us. Jasmine saw Gibby came back.

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