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Very Filmy

Very Filmy is a 2024 Pakistani Ramadan special television comedy drama series, produced by Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions. Directed by Ali Hassan and Written by Syed Mohammad Ahmed. It stars Dananeer Mobeen and Ameer Gilani as leads. It first premiered on 11th March 2024 on Hum TV.

Drama Details

Drama TitleVery Filmy
GenresComedy, Romance, Family Drama
WriterSyed Mohammad Ahmed
DirectorAli Hassan
StarringDananeer Mobeen, Ameer Gilani, Bushra Ansari, Ali Safina, Mira Sethi, Ukhano
ProducerMomina Duraid
ProductionMD Production
Release Date11th March 2024
TimingAt 9:00 PM
On-Air DaysDaily in Ramzan
Repeat TelecastTBA
Running time38-42 minutes
NetworkHUM TV

Very Filmy Drama Cast

The cast of Very Filmy includes the following actors:

  1. Dananeer Mobeen
  2. Ameer Gilani
  3. Bushra Ansari
  4. Ali Safina
  5. Mira Sethi
  6. Ukhano
  7. Nabeel Zuberi
  8. Ameema Saleem Khan
  9. Deepak Perwani
  10. Salma Hassan
  11. Syed Adnan Jaffar
  12. Noreen Mumtaz
  13. Tehseen Wajahat
  14. Rabya A Rizwan
  15. Momina Munir
  16. Manal Siddiqui
  17. Ali Hassan


Very Filmy drama story revolves around Love, laughter, and lots of filmy moments await you in ‘Very Filmy’! Join Daniya & Rohan on their journey to love, featuring Dananeer Mobeen & Ameer Gilani.

Release Date

Very Filmy Drama Episode 1 Release Date on 11th March 2024.

Timing & Days

Pakistani drama serial Very Filmy airs daily, Monday to Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on Hum TV. (Just Ramadan Special Show)

Where to Watch

Watch “Very Filmy” on the HUM TV channel, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Entertainment Zone.

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