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Dao is a 2024 Pakistani Drama Serial coming soon on Har Pal Geo TV. The cast of Dao includes Atiqa Odho, Haroon Shahid, Kiran Haq, and so many others. The drama story focuses on how Love turns to betrayal as dark intentions unravel by deceit and manipulation. Watch Dao Pakistani dramas online full episodes on high quality. Dao best Pakistani dramas watch and share.

Dao Pakistani Drama: Release Date, Cast, Story, and Timing (2024)

ChannelHar Pal Geo TV
GenresDrama, Love, Dark Intentions
Release Date4th March 2024
TimingAt 7:00 PM
On-Air DaysDaily, MON to SUN
Repeat TelecastTBA
Main CastAtiqa Odho, Haroon Shahid, Kiran Haq, Arez Ahmed
DirectorAli Akbar
WriterSameena Aijaz
ProducerAbdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production7th Sky Entertainment Presentation
Duration38-42 minutes

Dao Drama Cast

The cast of Dao includes the following actors:

  1. Atiqa Odho
  2. Haroon Shahid
  3. Kiran Haq
  4. Arez Ahmed
  5. Ayesha Rajput
  6. Seemi Pashah
  7. Ayesha Gul
  8. Yasir Shoro
  9. Salma Asim
  10. Memoona Qudoos
  11. Yasir Alam
  12. Neha Malik
  13. Malaika Riaz
  14. Ellie Zaid

Dao Drama Story:

The story revolves around a woman named Almaas. After her husband’s death, Almaas takes up responsibility to support her family. To make ends meet, she opens a salon and becomes a matchmaker. However, her greed takes over, leading her to be deceitful in both professions.

Despite her greed, Almaas portrays herself as a devoted mother who has overcome significant challenges for her children. She wants the best for her own kids, however, she often mistreats children from other families, showing ignorance towards the universal law of karma.

Driven by greed, Almaas orchestrates a marriage between her friend’s son, Saad, and the innocent Nisha. However, Saad reveals his true cruel nature, plunging Nisha into a nightmare. Upon discovering Saad’s abuse and Almaas’s complicity, Nisha’s brother Aaliyan vows revenge for his sister’s torment.

Will Almaas be held accountable for her deceitful actions? Can Aaliyan bring justice to his sister? Will Almaas successfully avoid Aaliyan’s revenge plan? Will Almaas’s children be affected by her misdeeds?

Dao Drama Release Date:

Dao Episode 1 Release date on 4th March 2024, Daily at 7:00 PM on Har Pal Geo TV Channel.

Dao Drama Timing & Days:

Dao airs at 7:00 p.m. Daily Monday to Sunday (Full Week Entertainment).

Dao Drama Where to Watch:

Watch “Dao” on the Har Pal Geo TV channel, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Entertainment Zone.

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