The witch Diner Cast

The witch Diner Cast, Release Date and Official Promo

The witch Diner Cast, Release Date and Official Trailer. The Witch’s Diner is a South Korean television drama series that is set to premiere on 16th July 2021 on TVN‘s original network in South Korea.

This wonderful Korean Drama is based on such an amazing novel “Manyeosikdangeuro Oseyo” by Goo Sang-Hee, which was published on 2nd March 2016 by Dasan Books. Tving a fast-growing Korean streaming service decided to release this eight-episode drama.

The Witch’s Diner” is a dark fantasy drama about a witch restaurant that sells food that grants wishes in exchange for the customers’ souls. Song Ji Hyo plays the restaurant’s owner and witch Hee Ra, Nam Ji Hyun plays her business partner Jin, and Chae Jong Hyeop takes on the role of the part-timer Gil Yong.

The witch Diner 2021 Teaser hit the nail on the head of the audience. Everyone is so excited to watch and enjoy this drama. You can watch the teaser of this drama on the link given below. The upcoming Korean Drama The witch Diner fantasy show has ensembled the perfect cast for their new show. And the fans are excited to see the two actresses work together in the fantasy drama. The two will be joined by other cast members as well.

The witch Diner Korean Drama plot:

This drama gives the taste of all the dramas and makes other shows dingy and dimly lit. Well, renowned TV actress Song Ji is going to play the role of Zo Hee-ra, the witch. She adopts a cold personality with a stunning look. She makes magical dishes for desperate people, who wants to eat these dishes with the hopes of completing their personal wishes that they can’t expose in public or in front of anyone. 

The story starts with a young Jung Jin 28 years lady, who is dumb and fired from her job and decided to open a restaurant with her mom. 

The witch then wants to borrow the restaurant from the Jung Jii and make a portion of food that grants a customer’s a wish and in exchange she wants something from them. 

Chae Jong takes on the role of the third lead character, a part-time employee in the restaurant, Gil Yong. In the poster, he can be seen holding up a tray full of bottles with presumable magic potions. The text on his poster reads, ‘My wish, please keep it a secret.’  

Now go and check out what is going to have happened next …

The Witch Diner Cast:

  • Song Ji Hyo as Jo Hee Ra/Zo Hee Ra
  • Nam Ji Hyun as Jeong Jin
  • Chae Jong Hyeop as Lee Gil Yong
  • Yoon Da Young as Lee Yoon Mi
  • Ha Do Gwon as CEO Oh
  • Son Kwang Eop as Gil Yong’s father
  • Ahn Eun Jin as Guest Role
  • Lee Kyu Hyung as Guest Role
  • Kang Gi Doong as Guest Role

The Witch’s Diner Director and Writer:

A director of the drama serial the witch’s Diner is So Jae Hyun and writer named Lee Young Sook. Both are reputative industry person.

The Witch’s Diner Release Date:

The witch’s dinner will be released on 16th July, 2021. Aired on Friday.

The Witch’s Diner on Netflix:

This a Tving original series you can watch this drama serial on given below links.

The Witch’s Diner | Official Teaser

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