TENET Cast and HD New Trailer Release Watch Here Christopher Nolan Movie Released Date 17th July 2020.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet includes a new twist on time travel stories, instead of utilizing inversion and time moving in reverse. Here’s how it works.

Tenet will keep its intended July 17th release date, there are other, more pressing questions waiting in the wings that also need answers.

Let’s move science aside for our next couple of theories. We know John David Washington’s character will sign on to some sort of mission to prevent World War III that is somehow “worse” than Armageddon.

Time inversion looks to be the main asset among Washington’s disposal during the movie. It’s unclear how time inversion specifically works, but it looks as if objects and people can go in reverse motion in time.

Based on a few moments in the trailer, Washington may have the ability to reverse time in small ways but the “Tenet” project wants to implement it in a higher-stakes way.

The core of Tenet’s story is the fight to prevent World War 3, although all that’s said about the cataclysmic event is that it’s worse than armageddon. Again, there’s the idea that time is going to be weaponized, and that Washington’s character is the one with the power to prevent it.

Kenneth Branagh’s character seemingly possesses the same time inverting technology, which posits him as Tenet’s potential villain making it a battle not against time, but of time.

That further pushes the time inversion into being the key to Tenet this isn’t just a gimmick to serve the story, but rather the time reversal is the story itself, in terms of both how the plot works but also how the story moves forward or backward.

While Tenet’s marketing keeps things mysterious, it’s possible to speculate based upon this.

If World War 3 is going to be caused by the time inversion technology, then Washington’s Protagonist is the person who has to learn to control it in order to prevent that from happening (to go back to the idea of “bullet time”, making him this movie’s Chosen One like Neo in The Matrix – someone with greater power or control over the device in question than anyone else).

Of course, since time isn’t moving in a linear fashion, it’s even possible that World War 3 has already happened (or not happened) the effect.

Washington’s actions in the movie are the cause, and so he has to fulfill something already determined but that he doesn’t yet know, creating a cause-effect-cause type of time loop.

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Release date: 17 July 2020 USA
Armed with only one word Tenet and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real-time.


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