Tamasha Season 2 Elimination Today

Tamasha Season 2 Elimination Today, Who is Eliminated from Tamasha Ghar Season 2

ARY Digital recently started Tamasha Season 2 with 14 new contestants. Check out details about Tamasha Season 2 Elimination Today and Who is Leaving the House Today from this article.

Tamasha Season 2 started on 5th August 2023 with grand launch by the host of the show Adnan Siddiqui.

Now in the Tamasha Ghar all the entered girls and boys will have to buy each and everything.

They all will have to compete in each and every task to stay safe from elimination.

All the nominated contestants of the week will be saved by their audience through ARY Zap app voting process.

Check out below for the nominated contestants of this week as well as the Elimination news.

Who is Tamasha 2 Winner Prize Money & Runner-up

  • Tamasha 2 Winner is Aruba Mirza and wins cash prize of Rs 25 lakh.

Tamasha Season 2 Elimination Today

Check out details about Tamasha Season 2 Elimination Today – Who is leaving the House Today from this article. Various information regarding Tamasha Season 2 Elimination Today – Who is leaving the Tamasha Ghar 2 Today and other crucial details are included in this List.

Sr.Contestant NameDay INDay OUTStatus
1Aruba MirzaDay 1Day 49Winner
2Michelle MumtazDay 1Day 36Eliminated
3Ali SikanderDay 1Day 44Eliminated
4Faizan SheikhDay 1Day 494th Runner-up
5Danish MaqsoodDay 1Day 43Eliminated
6Natasha AliDay 1Day 46Eliminated
7Neha KhanDay 1Day 493rd runner-up
8Rana AsifDay 1Day 36Eliminated
9Omer ShahzadDay 1Day 492nd runner-up
10Junaid Jamshaid NiaziDay 1Day 491st runner-up
11Zainab RazaDay 1Day 14Eliminated
12Adnan HussainDay 1Day 20Eliminated
13Amber KhanDay 1Day 21Eliminated
14Nida FirdousDay 1Day 7Eliminated

Tamasha Ghar Season 2 Nomination News

On Day 46, Natasha Ali get eliminated.

On Day 44, Ali Sikander get eliminated.

On Day 43, Danish Maqsood get eliminated.

On 9th September 2023, Michelle Mumtaz and Rana Asif get eliminated.

On 2nd September 2023, No Elimination was held on the last day of the week.

On Day 20, Adnan got physical during a task and damaged the property. Because of this, Badshah Ejected him out of the show.

On Day 8, during the ‘Basta Bachao, Wazir Ban Jao’ task, Aruba and Neha became physically violent. Since a decision wasn’t being made, Badshah took the decision to make those two the winners of their round. The housemates had to vote who they wanted to make the Wazir between Neha, Aruba and Omer. The housemates chose Omer.

On Day 5, Michelle got the immunity as Omer won the task ‘Uran Khatola’.

On Day 4, Omer, Neha and Aruba won the water tank task and they had to choose two members among them to be saved. They chose Omer and Aruba.

On Day 3, Faizan won the Immunity Task, and he was saved from nominations that week. Junaid was saved by Adnan Siddiqui. Omer, Ali and Neha had the second most Tamasha Tokens, Danish got to choose who to save out of these three. Danish saved Ali.

Watch Tamasha Season 2 Grand Finale Full Episode

The top 5 finalists of the show were Faizan Sheikh, Junaid Jamshed Niazi, Omer Shahzad, Aruba Mirza and Neha Khan. Among Junaid Jamshed Niazi and Aruba Mirza, Aruba got more votes and was declared the winner of Tamasha. Watch the video of the Tamasha Season 2 Grand Finale Full Episode:

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