Kahay Dil Jidhar Upcoming Movie By Junaid Khan and Mansha Pasha

Junaid Khan Signs his first featured film with Mansha Pasha. Actor, singer and one of the highest rated television actors in Pakistan. Junaid Khan is now ready to debut on the big screen, signing his first feature film titled Kahay Dil Jidhar as the leading man opposite Laal Kabootar star Mansha Pasha. Mansha Pasha is […]


In commemoration of the defacto horror holiday Friday the 13th, STX Entertainment has released the official trailer for the upcoming horror thriller movie Countdown. With a simple story about downloading a trendy new app on a smartphone going terribly wrong, those who use a strange Countdown app begin dying in mysterious fashion. Written and directed […]


Joker is one of the most iconic villains in the superhero universe – one that intrigues the curiosity of every DC fan, or even a DC Universe critic. After teasing DC fans for the longest time, director Todd Phillips offered a quick sneak peek into the film ‘Joker‘ at Cinema Con on Tuesday. It’s really […]