Coke Studio Season 12 has been released and it renders its listeners with the theme of this years enchanting music, and where it’s coming from. Coke Studio 12 started trending on Twitter and everyone is now anxiously waiting for the season to drop already. ROHAIL HYATT IS BACK??? I JUST GOT TO KNOW I CANNOTRead More


The Coke Studio series 12 produced from season one to season four by Rohail and Umber Hyatt, after which it was produced by Rohail Hyatt in season five and season six solo with the latter shot in hybrid format. The history of Coke Studio is a long one. But what will be most interesting isRead More


Coke Studio Pakistan has announced the return of Coke Studio for its twelfth season, with an exclusive virtual tour of the set. Expectations are high from the Coke Studio fans as this time again music producer Rohail Hyatt is back on his seat, which he left some four years ago. According to media reports, RohailRead More