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Actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on June 14. This decision taken by Sushant has come as a shock to many. However, after this incident, many discussions have come to ahead. This tweet of Shekhar Suman is currently well discussed.

Some believe that Sushant committed suicide out of frustration, while others believe that he ended his life because he was fed up with the dynasty in the art world. But in all this, the tweet made by actor Shekhar Suman is attracting the attention of many. 

He has said that Sushant must have written a letter before committing suicide.”If a smart, courageous, strong-willed person like Sushant Singh Rajput had committed suicide, he would have written a letter before committing suicide. 

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Like everyone else, I sincerely feel that the situation is very different and serious than what I see, ”tweeted Shekhar Suman.

Meanwhile, Shekhar Suman’s tweet is currently well discussed. What is special is that Shekhar Suman often comments openly on the happenings in the art world. 

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He had recently tweeted about Sushant’s demise. It was said that those who have become tigers in the art world are hiding in fear after seeing the outcry of Sushant’s fans.

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