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Sunny Leone | Prank | With Husband Daniel Weber | Watch Video

Bollywood star Sunny Leone played a hilarious prank on her husband Daniel Weber where she pretended to chop her finger off.

Sunny Leone has been actively interacting with her fans by taking to Instagram Live during the lockdown. She is usually joined by special guests every afternoon.

Sunny Leone on Sunday 3 May 2020, the actress pranked her husband on Instagram Live.

During Instagram Live, Sunny showed her fans how she was preparing for her epic prank.

She can be seen slicing a banana which she uses as her fake chopped off a finger.

Sunny Leone is quarantining with her husband Daniel and their three children; Nisha, Asher, and Noah.


According to interaction with Hindustan Times, Sunny revealed how she is eager for their school to reopen after the lockdown. She said:

“The first thing I would like to do once the lockdown is done is drop my kids off to school and have a breather.

“Not only for myself, but for them too. I think that they really miss school, their friends and structure.

“We have promised them that we will go to Dubai once this lockdown is over.”

Sunny Leone’s prank on Daniel certainly made her fans laugh. They took to the comment section to praise the actress.

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