Bushan Kumar

Sonu nigham blasted T-series owner bushan kumar.

If we talk about bushan company without any doubt you can say that T-series is one of the biggest and most popular brand in Indian cinema.

In recent days, music sensation sonu nigham has posted a video of on social media to warn music producer and head of T-series Bushan kumar.

Sonu mentioned name of bushan and said , do you remember when you came to me and requested me to do atleast one album for you.

Do you remember that you had pleaded many times to introduce you to Subrata Roy, Smita Thackeray, Bal Thackeray. 

Moreover,you had also requested me to Save you from Abu Salim, do you remember that Abu Salim was threatening you ? I’m warning you ,”Do not dare to mess with me .

sonu concluded his video with a special request to everyone especially music companies to be kind .

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