Shah Rukh Khan hijab girl Video

Shah Rukh Khan for the fans who respect the hijab girl

Shah Rukh Khan has proved that he is not only the king of Bali but also in real life by respecting the hijab-wearing girl.

A video of Shah Rukh Khan is circulating on social media and has won the hearts of fans. The video shows how King Khan respects the boundaries of a Muslim fan wearing a hijab.

In the viral video, it can be seen that a boy and three girls are very excited to meet Shah Rukh Khan, two of them hug Shah Rukh Khan, while the hijab-clad girl stands at a distance and smiles.

In Shaysaye, Shah Rukh appears to respect the boundaries of the hijab-wearing Muslim girl from a distance.

Social media users say that Shah Rukh is a good-hearted person and he always respects women immensely the respect he has in his heart for hijab women is clearly visible in this video.

It should be remembered that Shah Rukh Khan exhorts respect for every religion including Islam and he has always tried to raise his voice for religious tolerance.

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