Sanjjanaa Galrani

Sanjana Galrani arrested in Sandalwood Drugs case

There was also talk that actress Sanjana Galrani was involved with the drug network. But, I have nothing to do with it. Sanjana Galrani wept as he left this here. No supplementary information was found that they were in the drug network. Against this backdrop, the CCB officials raided the Sanjana home this morning and inspected it. The CCB police later arrested Sanjana. Sanjana Apta Prithvi Shetty, who runs large parties, is being interrogated by CCB police. Based on the information they provided, Sanjana was arrested.

A group of six men, led by Ragini inspectors Ins Inspector Puneet, attacked the Sanjana home at 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar early this morning. Earlier, when Ragini raided the house, it was heard that there was no investigation in the presence of witnesses. It was in this backdrop that Sanjana’s house was searched in the presence of two government witnesses.

As source report Yesterday, CCB police obtained a search warrant from the court. Didier attacked the Sanjana house at Bellambella today. Sanjana’s mother came out with silk when she heard the noise of the gate. The mother had then informed Sanjana about the rad. Sanjana has said that you can search freely.

Sanjana Arrest: As the

The search is completed Sanjana has been arrested. Actress Sanjana shouted. There was nothing in the house but I was arguing about why you were being taken into custody. He will be taken to the CCB center soon. His father and mother are weeping over the fact that Sanjana is becoming Arrest. If this is what Sanjana has done to reassure him.

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