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Sam Raimi saying he thinks about cancelled ‘Spider Man 4’

Sam Raimi 2002 film Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguire as the web-slinging Peter Parker. With the most recent iteration, “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” scoring big summer numbers.

Kirsten Dunst as love-interest-next-door Mary Jane Watson is largely credited with kicking off the superhero.

Sam raimi's
Sam raimi’s

With the most recent iteration, “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” scoring big summer numbers, the character clearly is money in the bank.

Spidery sequel Spider-Man: 4 From Home is swinging into cinemas, finally introducing classic nemesis, or is he? My stereo to the big screen.

But if everything had gone to plan with Sam Raimi’s fourth Spider-Man movie, the character might not have had to wait this long for his cinematic debut.

Sam Raimi’s Tobey Maguire-featuring Spider-Man arrangement wasn’t constantly proposed to complete where it did. In spite of not-especially shining audits, Spider-Man 3 made an enormous $890 million in the worldwide film industry an exceptionally solid aggregate for a solo hero film, even by present-day gauges and talk immediately went to a spin-off.

Spider man 4
Spider Man 4

Casting rumors were flying around the internet, and many seemed to think that Raimi was locked in for a fourth installment in his lucrative and mostly excellent franchise.

But when has the fact that a film doesn’t exist ever stopped us, geeks, from talking about it? Our curiosity is always too strong, and Spider-Man 4 – one of the biggest what could have been? moments in comic-book movie history – is no exception to that.

What do you think now is who will work?

Spider-Man 3 reached cinemas in May 2007. By October 2008, Sam Raimi was talking publicly about it. He and Maguire had both signed up (with Maguire believed to be taking $50 million, as well as having mornings and evenings off to spend time with his family.

The press was even suggesting that a fifth film in the franchise was being planned concurrently.

There was talk of a back-to-back shoot for Spider-Man 4 and 5, and Raimi told MTV in October 2008 that it was “[Sony chief] Amy Pascal’s decision. I don’t think it has been decided yet, and she’s the one that’s really going to make that decision; I’m really curious myself.

Sem Raimi's
SemRaimi’s Sequel

“It would be a real endurance test,” Raimi admitted. “Probably only Peter Jackson knows how hard something like that would be”.

In March 2009, Raimi spoke to MTV again and shot down the back-to-back shoot idea. He said that “right now we’re just working on the story for Spider-Man 4, just that one film.

Sam Raimi's
Spider Man 4

Inquired as to whether the establishment could continue without its Mary-Jane Watson on-screen character, Raimi said to MTV: “I can’t envision making a Spider-Man motion picture without Kirsten.

obviously, it tends to be done in light of the fact that Spider-Man has existed without the character of Mary-Jane, however.

she’s one of my preferred parts and it would be a disgrace not to have her in the image. I’m trusting she’ll be in it and I’m anticipating having a story with her in it.”


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