Playing with Fire is an upcoming 2019 American comedy film directed by Andy Fickman from a screenplay by Dan Ewen and Matt Lieberman.

Central has discharged the primary trailer for Playing with Fire. The up and coming family parody star John Cena as a flame director who salvages three kin, yet he, alongside his kindred firemen, must keep an eye on kids until they can discover the children’s folks. Comic hijinks follow alongside certain exercises about the significance of sustaining kids and not being such an extreme person. Great occasions are had by all.

Playing with Fire John Cena plays firefighter babysitter in first trailer

I sympathize with the parents who will be bringing their kids to this movie in November. There’s not much in the way of family films that aren’t animated, you need to get your kids out of the house from time to time, and they’ll laugh at John Cena doing slapstick and retching when a child poops her pants.

Playing with Fire has a very clear audience in mind, and that audience will probably go see this movie since the only other movies in November that will appeal to kids are Arctic Dogs and Frozen II. Beleaguered parents need movies too, folks.

Check out the Playing with Fire trailer below. The film opens November 8th and also stars Keegan-Michael Key, John Leguizamo, Tyler Mane, Brianna Hildebrand, Christian Convery, Finley Rose Slater, and Judy Greer.

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  • John Cena
  • Keegan-Michael Key
  • John Leguizamo
  • Brianna Hildebrand
  • Christian Convery
  • Finley Rose Slater
  • Tyler Mane
  • Judy Greer
  • Dennis Haysbert

Release Date: The Movie was originally set to be released on 20th March 2020, but it was later moved up to 8th November 2019.


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