Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi opens up about her struggles in Bollywood

Nora Fatehi Bollywood’s dancing sensation and performer has opened up about the struggles she faced in the B-Town in a recent interview.

No one knew her despite a popular song in the massive hit Baahubali and a Bigg Boss stint, but the last year’s Dilbar changed her faith in Bollywood. Her sizzling performance in upcoming film Batla House, ‘O Saki Saki’ has become the latest chartbuster.

Nora, who made her way to Bollywood from Canada, in a recent interview has shared the stories behind her 5-year-long struggle in the industry and how she battled through bullying, casting agents, cheating agencies and insecure roommates.

“Life for foreigners in India is very difficult. We go through a lot and people don’t even know. They take our money. It’s happened to me. I remember my first agency who got me here from Canada. They were really aggressive in terms of behaviour and I didn’t feel like I was guided the right way.

Nora also revealed about getting bullied because of her language barrier and her nationality. She stated, “I started learning Hindi but the auditions were very traumatic for me. I wasn’t really mentally prepared and I made a fool of myself. People were really unforgiving. They wouldn’t just be mean; they would laugh in front of my face as if I’m some circus. They would bully me. It was humiliating. I used to cry while traveling back to my home. There was this one casting agent who once told me, ‘We don’t need you here. Go back’. I’ll never forget that.”

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