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Muqaddar | By Har Pal Geo | Episode 6th Promo | 16 March 2020

Latest Video Parts of Her Pal Geo Tv New drama serial Muqaddar by Har Pal Geo Tv Promo 3 episode 26th Feb 2020. Watch online latest Episode on all tv channel episode watch here a high-quality video on youtube and Daily motion u can follow us watch more entertainment video on this website.


Muqaddar By Har Pal Geo Episode 6th Promo 16 March 2020 faysal Qureshi entertainmentzone

The drama starting scene is a happy one, where the 2 cousins Raima and Haris are having fun and they also seem too much in love. Raima is portrayed as a sweet and good-natured girl who always gets the differing gender’s attraction. She is innocent and sweet, and it actually makes her everyone’s favorite. Raima is a parentless girl who is living with her Mamu, and Haris is their son. They both are interested in each other and their family is also happy to see them together and they are plan to marry off Raima with Haris Cousin as soon as her after exams. The only good thing about the play is Faysal Qureshi’s feudal portrayal and a very rich man.

Faysal Qureshi What Role?

The main Role is Faysal Qureshi is a power full politician who madness in love with a much younger, broadcast journalist, Raima – essayed by Madiha Imam. Faysal Qureshi, while talking to Instep, shed light on his character Saif ur Rehman in as well as the TV play’s narrative.

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Muqaddar Promo 6th Episode by Geo Tv 16 Mar 2020.

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