Running with the Devil

Running with the devil movie trailer 2019

Running with the Devil


Running with the Devil movie centers around a endangered shipment of violence along with the travel to bring it through global borders. When a drug cartel honcho known as The Boss (Barry Pepper). Enlists his two trusted spouses a henchman known as the Cook (Nicolas Cage) and a trafficker Known as the Guy (Laurence Fishburne) for the Medication to their destination safely. The duo Venture out on a Hazardous Assignment while being tracked by Federal Agents.

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It seems like there are nearly as many films about drug trafficking since there are medications on the roads, and yet another is preparing to hit theatres and VOD. But Running with the Devil is a Bit More particular than your average crime thriller, because it stars Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fisburne.Running with the Devil movie release on 20 September 2019.

As two portions of a significant drug trafficking organization that’s on the point of being ripped apart. This is the type of film where characters have been understood only as The Boss, The Cook and The Person. View the Running with the Devil trailer below to get a flavor of the Item.

Nicolas Cage seems to be tapping to his own Breaking Bad as The Cook, among the most trusted henchman of The Boss (Barry Pepper), who jobs him and yet another drug trafficker known as the Person (Laurence Fishburne, giving it all he has got) together with auditing their cartel’s supply chain and figuring out in which a huge difficulty is at the provider.

The rest of the cast includes Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan), Leslie Bibb (Iron Man), Clifton Collins Jr. (Traffic), Peter Facinelli (Twilight), Natalia Reyes (Terminator: Dark Fate) and Cole Hauser .A Film written and directed by Jason Cabell.

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