The makers of several faith based films and the star of “War Room” have another movie coming out this week geared toward the next generation.

“Overcomer,” which is family-friendly, is hitting the big screen Friday with a mix of hope, humor and heart as the sixth film co-written by the Kenrick brothers.
Shirer doubled down on the point: “Identity is critical. If we do not know who we are in Christ – if it’s not rooted in something solid that cannot change, that cannot be touched by external circumstances, then we’re going to find our emotional stability up one day and down the other.”
She added: “We’ve got to be anchored and solid and secure, and this movie will introduce that to some and reintroduce it for others.”

Kendrick explained the movie follows a high school football coach, John Harrison, whose team is taken away. Harrison then has to coach cross country, which only has one girl whose parents are taken away, and a man in a hospital who had his health taken away. All three find their identity within the story and it transforms their lives.

“Everybody tries to find their identity in their job, in their feelings, their circumstance,” Alex noted. “We think the Creator gets to define His creation, and when we find ourself in Him, that’s the fullest version of ourselves.”
Director Alex and his brother, Stephen Kendrick, who is one of the producers, and Priscilla Shirer, an actress and Bible teacher, sat down with “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to discuss the new flick.

Overcomer was filmed mainly in Columbus, Georgia with a few scenes shot in Nashville, Tennessee and Albany, Georgia. In the summer of 2018, The film was made on a $5 million budget, which is $2 million more than their last film, War Room’s budget. Several actors appearing in earlier films by the Kendrick Brothers were cast for roles in Overcomer, including Priscilla Shirer and Ben Davies. Paul Mills, who wrote the score for War Room, also returned to compose for Overcomer.
It is scheduled for release by Sony Pictures on August 23, 2019.

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