Most racing films are all about contests, but maybe not so”Ford v Ferrari” that, despite its own competition-oriented name, is in fact the story of two buddies, Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles (played with Matt Damon and Christian Bale), that partnered with the Ford Motor Co. to overcome Italian sportscar designer Enzo Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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Shelby had bested Ferrari once before, winning Le Mans in 1959 behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, but was benched soon after due to a bum ticker, therefore he switched into his very best driver to come up with and then commandeer the car that would perform the effort. Miles was of a wild card a British tank commander who had survived World War II but proceeded to be a daredevil racer forcing his cars to the limitation on the trail. Miles once quipped,”I would rather die in a racing car then get consumed by cancer”

Both companies, Ford and Ferrari, are hurting when the movie opens. The American brand is having trouble attracting young buyers. Enter the Mustang — a beautiful set of wheels that Miles doesn’t take seriously — and a bold plan to buy out the Italian sportscar manufacturer. But Enzo Ferrari (Remo Girone) doesn’t go for it, upsetting Henry Ford II (the assembly-line genius’ insecure grandson) with harsh words about how he does business (the Italian cars are made by hand, and sit in a class of their own). Now his pride’s on the line, and Ford, who was threatening to shut down his factory in his introductory scene, is willing to spend whatever it takes to break Ferrari’s winning streak at Le Mans.

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