Black and Blue is an upcoming 2019 American action thriller film directed by Deon Taylor from a screenplay by Peter A. Dowling. It stars Naomie Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Mike Colter, Reid Scott, Beau Knapp and Frank Grillo.

Naomie Harris is on a dangerous mission to save her life and expose corrupt cops in the first trailer for her new film Black and Blue.The Skyfall and Spectre star leads the action thriller in the role of Alicia West, a rookie cop who accidentally witnessed a group of corrupt cops killing a drug dealer. She caught the entire thing on her body cam, which makes her a moving target as she rushes to get the evidence to safety.Black and Blue hits theaters on 25 October 2019.

Oscar-nominee Naomie Harris stars in the trailer for the crime thriller, Black and Blue. Written by Peter A Dowling (Flightplan) Black and Blue revolves around Alicia West (Harris) a rookie cop who accidentally films a group of police officers killing a drug dealer on her body cam. After barely escaping with her life Alicia discovers she’s now being pursued by both corrupt cops and local criminals who’re desperate to destroy the incriminating footage before it’s made public. Left with no one else to trust, she turns to Milo Mouse Jackson Tyrese Gibson the only local who’s willing to help her bring the truth to light.

Alicia is pretty badass! She’s fierce and capable, strong, and independent. She is the kind of woman that I love portraying Harris told EW about the role. Tyrese character is not used to handling weapons; he’s not a trained police officer in the way that Alicia is. Ultimately, he is of use to her during the escape scene when they’re being chased. But she definitely has the upper hand, she’s more skilled in what she’s doing.

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