Ad Astra is an upcoming 2019 American adventure film produced co-written and directed by James Gray. Starring Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler, and Donald Sutherland.

Brad Pitt is a undercover Captain Willard, carrying a fraught mission up river from James Gray’s Ad Astra an outer distance Apocalypse Now which played with rapt audiences at the Venice film festival. Rather than steaming jungles this provides us existential chills.Rather than Viet Cong soldiers it supplies guy eating baboons and pirates riding dune-buggies. It is an outstanding picture steely and unbending and constructed with an unmistakable atmosphere of crazy eyed zealotry. Ad Astra be cautioned is going all of the way and it double-dares us up for your excursion.Ad Astra release on 20 September 2019.

Set in the not too distant future, this throws Pitt as Major Roy McBride, a lonesome samurai who prides himself on the truth that his heartbeat speed has never climbed past 80. He’s travelling to Neptune in search of his missing father a man he hardly knows and wanting to stop a run of unexplained cosmic rays which threaten life on Earth.Pitt embodies McBride using a set of deft gestures along with a minimal of fuss. His performance is so understated it barely looks like acting in any way.

Roy docks at Mars and he lights out on his own 2.7bn kilometers away from house. And it is now that the movie starts to fold in on itself jettisoning its own sci-fi paraphernalia (man-eating primates and ) to develop into an unblinking parable of distressed fathers and ruined toddlers.Having kept his cool for so long that the astronaut finds his heartbeat rate is spiking. He cuts communicating with Earth and prepares to confront his demons. He traveling deeper and deeper in his own heart of darkness since Ad Astra pitches from full blown terror to the thunderclap of closing. In distance it transpires nobody can hear you shout for your daddy.

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