Movie Tevar Reviews 2019

Tevar is an upcoming Pakistani action revenge-thriller film.The film is written and directed by Abu Aleeha. The film features Sukynah Khan, Taqi Ahmed, Mathira, Sharique Mahmood and Akbar Subhani. The film is produced by Ali Sajjad Shah.But then in an instant, you realize that this is a cinema. You look to your right and left. People as confused as you are. Ah, well at least we are all in this together.

The whys, and especially the hows of it, dumbfound you. A large part of Tevar is spent trying to 2nd guess what the actors are trying to say. The background music/score is so loud, dialogues are inaudible. Rest of the time, you are trying to figure the causality of their actions.

Bollywood was there a year or so ago, with almost half a dozen rape-revenge stories. Now, with Tevar, Pakistan has its 2nd such film of recent times, counting Verna as the 1st. Set in late 80s Karachi, we see events of a particular day. Arfa (Sukaynah Khan), lives with her younger sister (Hina) and ailing father in Karachi. A cousin from Hyderabad has arrived to win affections of Arfa. In the morning, father leaves to visit the the bank, and Hina goes to her university. Shafqat and Arfa are home alone. Tevar Movie Cast Movie release date 26 July 2019.

  • Directed by Abu Aleeha
  • Produced by Abu Aleeha
  • Written by Abu Aleeha
  • Starring
  • Sukynah Khan
  • Taqi Ahmed
  • Mathira
  • Sharique Mahmood
  • Akbar Subhani
  • Music by Ali Allahditta
  • Production
  • company
  • FlashFilm Productions
  • Country Pakistan
  • Language Urdu
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