Molkki 25th August 2021

Molkki 25th August 2021 Written Update Episode 203

Molkki 25th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 203 by Colors Tv. Voot Molkki Today Episode Written Update Read on  Watch Drama Molkki 25th August 2021 Written Update Read Online Video on Voot Colors TV.

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Molkki 25th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 203

Molkki Today Episode Upcoming Story: Virendra Learns About Purvi

After meeting Purvi at the school, Manas and Juhi inform Virendra about the incident. Subsequently, he decides to check if they are telling the truth. Will Virendra find Purvi?

Today’s Molkki 25th August 2021 episode Starts with Purvi came out to talk to Chandni. Daksh told Virender that this time he fulfilled all his promises. My Dhwani is there (pointing to the lobby). When Purvi was out, the other girl was at Purvi’s house. Virender confirms to Daksh whether her fiance is wearing a white saree. Daksh nodded. Do you like my choice? Wieland nodded. She is cute-Chandni asked Purvi to go to the hospital with Daksh as soon as possible.

Nani has an asthma attack. Puwei agreed. She called Daksh. He said goodbye to Virender. I don’t know why we make a mistake every time we try to meet, but I must go now. Nani is in the hospital. We will have dinner another day. Will nodded. Daksh ran away. Veer told Virender that Dhwani and Purvi are different. Purvig was not alive. She will not come back. Accept this fact. Wieland agreed. 6 months passed. No matter how much I think, Bawri will never come back. We will leave tomorrow morning.

A teacher told Manas and Zhu Xi that Daksh told Pervi to leave the school. She didn’t want to go because she was worried about Nani. We can start tomorrow. Daksh told him that Nani was much better now. Even she doesn’t want you to miss your first day. First. Daksh told him that Nott O had a very sweet conversation with the children.

She is very confused. Why? He said: What if a child chooses you to be the father or mother? She scolded him crazy. just saying. They both laughed. Some children made fun of Manas and Zhu Xi, but the teacher told them not to. If you do this, you will be punished in the same way. The children leave Purvi to go to her class. Manas and Zhu Xi saw her in the hall. Their eyes met. Juhi and Manas called her Haathi, which confused her. They ran to hug her. Where have you disappeared? We know you will come back. Don’t leave us again.

Purvi calmed them down. You must have forgotten your toy elephant. I will help you two, your Haathi. Juhi said you were out, Haathi. We have been looking for you. Purvi asked her if she looked like a haathi. Manas said you were out, Haathi. I am Gainda and Didi is Khargosh. Zhu Hai nodded. Why did you leave us? We look for you everywhere! Since you left, Dad hasn’t talked to us properly.

He doesn’t even love us. Thinking of you day and night. Come and meet Baba. happy to see you. She asked them where she should go. The same teacher reappeared. Did they bother you? Pervi refused. The teacher told Purvi what they did last night. Manas and Juhi have been asking Purvi to accompany them. She told them that she was not their Haathi. I can promise to help you find your Haathi. Go to your class. I will go too.

The teacher took Purvi to her class. Manas asked Juhi why Haathi didn’t know them. Juhi told him she didn’t know. Doc asked Nani how she feels now. She nodded and said she felt much better now. Daksh pulled Doc aside and asked about his health. The doctor told him that his lungs were weakened by old age. This is a major attack. You must make her happy at all costs. Daksh doesn’t know how to tell Nani the truth now.

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