Molkki 23rd August 2021

Molkki 23rd August 2021 Written Update Episode 201

Molkki 23rd August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 201 by Colors Tv. Voot Molkki Today Episode Written Update Read on  Watch Drama Molkki 23rd August 2021 Written Update Read Online Video on Voot Colors TV.

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Molkki 23rd August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 201

Molkki Today Episode Upcoming Story: Daksh Gets Mesmerized

Daksh and Nani reach the temple and look for Purvi and get dazzled seeing Purvi in saree. Meanwhile, on the other side, Manas-Juhi surprises Virendra in Delhi. Will Virendra and his kids cross paths with Purvi?

Today’s Molkki 23rd August 2021 episode Starts with Daksh introduced his special character to Virender. I brought her to see you. Virender was surprised to see Chandni. You? Daksh puts the phone on the table, close to Virender. The flashback shows that Daksh asks Purvi to accompany him to see Virender, but she wants to practice before Nani arrives. I want to be fully prepared for this. I will see Mukhi Ji later. Chandni proposed to go.

Purvi also asked Daksh to replace Di. He is my hero. He told her to love someone once forever. Your love changes every two weeks. She is sure it will not happen this week. She wants to change. The flashback is over. Virender asked Daksh about her fiance. Daksh shared that his Nani is coming, so he has to make some preparations. I thought about letting Di replace her.

Virender said I met her before. Chandni said that people should meet often so that they can get to know each other better. Virender asked them to sit down. Daksh asked Virender to tell them something about himself. Wieland was surprised. I don’t know where to start. Chandni asked her if there was someone special in her life, or if she was single like her. Virender asked Daksh what he meant. Daksh explained that he wanted to ask if there was any special person in his life that he loved and cared about.

Virender thought of Purvi. Daksh said that there is a person in my life who I love very much. Virender said I don’t believe in love anymore. Daksh said there is no greater relationship than this. It gives you a lot of motivation. Virender said they sound good, but in fact, they will only cause you unbearable pain. Daksh said what you said shows that someone has hurt you badly. If you don’t mind me asking, who is it? Instead, Virender asks you to share who has attracted your heart. Thinking of Dhwani Aka Purvi, Daksh began to share his feelings.

Virender smiled to himself too, and he was also brought to memory. Dax found him lost in his own world. Tell me something about the person you love. Virender said she is exactly what you describe. Dax asked his name. Virender said her name is Purvi. I used to call her Bawri affectionately. What’s your fiance’s name? Daksh said Dhwani. How did you two separate? Virender said that God separated us. He called her and left me to live alone.

He died in a bus accident six months ago. His love exists in my heart like the pain so far. I think I am incomplete without her. I can’t stop thinking about her. I only live for my children. Without her, my life is meaningless. Chandni began to clap his hands, dripping juice on her saree. Velende stared at her. Chandni reacted dramatically to her story. She made an excuse to go to the bathroom.

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