Molkki 17th August 2021

Molkki 17th August 2021 Written Update Episode 197

Molkki 17th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 197 by Colors Tv. Voot Molkki Today Episode Written Update Read on Watch Drama Molkki 17th August 2021 Full Episode Online Video on Voot Colors TV.

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Molkki 17th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 197

Molkki Today Episode Upcoming Story:  Daksh to confess

While Daksh and Purvi have a good time at the party, Chandni tells Daksh to confess his love for Purvi. As Virendra attends the party, Daksh plans to propose to Purvi. Will Daksh finally confess his feelings?

Today’s Molkki 17th August 2021 episode Starts with Purvi sits behind Virender. Virender tilted his head slightly and bumped Purvi’s head. It feels weird, it’s back again. When Purvi received a call from Chandni, Purv was about to change. Chandni asked him to come to the parking lot. Virender looked at Purvi. She turned her back to him. The manager told Virender that his room was ready. They walked in the opposite direction.

The guests asked Chandni about Daksh, who told them he would be here soon. Ishant and Chandni realize that Daksh is upstairs and are very nervous. Ishant asked what happened. Daksh told him that he was under pressure. I must propose to Dhwani. Chandni asked him to have a few drinks. He denied it. He noticed Purvi and was fascinated. Chandni and Ishant encouraged him to confess his feelings. When Daksh walked down the stairs, his eyes were fixed on Purvi. Dhwani also blessed him.

He put his hand on her shoulder and asked for her birthday present. She asked him what he wanted. He looked at Chandni and Ishant, and they motioned for him to speak. Daksh was wrong, Virender told Veer that the meeting was good. Dax looks good too. I will be home soon. Weir said it was great. Where did they go? Virender said I already know every corner of Delhi. There is no point in going there. Daksh invited him to his birthday party, but he didn’t want to go.

Weir suggested that he go there. You should know what kind of person you are because you will now be our business partner. Virender agreed to try. They ended the call. Sudha asked Veer Mukhi Ji what he was talking about. He told her Daxh’s birthday. If he was left alone, he would miss Purvi Ji. You must meet new friends to forget old friends. She nodded. He wished her good night, chose a few cushions, and lay on the sofa. Sudha watched, Purvi asked Daksh what he wanted. Chandni said the cake is here.

Daksh and I have the same fate in love. He is a business tycoon, but he can’t do this! She called Daksh to cut the cake. When Daksh cuts the cake, everyone sings birthday songs. He bit Chandni first, then Purvi and Ishant. Chandni and Ishant pushed them to dance. Purvi told Daksh that she knew he could not dance. But don’t worry. Just copy my steps. Otherwise, people would think that business tycoons can make people dance at work, but not here. Hawain plays in the background. Virender goes to Daksh’s house.

Daksh and Purvi had a great time together. Virender is still on the way. Ishant asked Daksh to admit his feelings. Purvi asked Daksh Ishant what he was muttering. Daksh said he was talking about my birthday present. She nodded. Tell me what you want. Continue to explore. She asked him to speak, Virender arrived at Daksh’s house, and Chandni repeatedly beat Daksh. He ended up joking about some random items. Chandni pulled Daksh aside.

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