Molkki 16th August 2021

Molkki 16th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 196

Molkki 16th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 196 by Colors Tv. Voot Molkki Today Episode Written Update Read on Watch Drama Molkki 16th August 2021 Full Episode Online Video on Voot Colors TV.

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Molkki 16th August 2021 Written Update Today Episode 196

Molkki Today Episode Upcoming Story: Purvi In Trouble?

In a shocking turn of events, Virendra crosses paths with Purvi and fails to notice her. Later, a car pulls in front of Purvi, and she is forcefully dragged inside the car without her consent. Is Purvi being kidnapped?

Today’s Molkki 16th August 2021 episode Starts with Veer tells Virender not to worry about home or panchayat. I will take care of everything. Just focus on the meeting with Daksh Singh Shekhawat. This is a very important meeting. Call me as soon as you get to Delhi. Wieland is leaving. Sudha asked Veer why he was so worried. He said I was worried about Dad.

She gave him the watch. He told her how Virender has kept her distance from the children since Purvi Ji left. She nodded. I hope they meet soon. Anjali asked the servant to bring her tea. In the hallway, Sudha told Veer that she had prepared her favorite dish. He told her to own it and left. Prakashi and Anjali also noticed this. Prakashi said that he does not love Sudha, but respects her very much because she is the DIL of this house. Anjali nodded. Molkki died, but she was left behind. Prakash assured her that she would also leave. Virender is on his way to Delhi. It’s raining.

He was thinking about Pervy and seemed very troubled. The memories of the past flashed in his mind. Why did you leave me Bawri? A girl (Purvi) walks in the rain with an umbrella. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste makes an appearance. Velende wiped his tears. The girl is trying to stop a car. His face was hidden by the umbrella. When her car passed her, Virender noticed her hands and lips. A car parked next to Pervy. A man in a mask forced her to sit in the car. She screamed for help. He managed to dial Daksh’s number using speed dial. Only he can save me.

The kidnapper’s phone rang at this moment. She was surprised. She took off the boy’s mask and was surprised to see Daqsh. He smiled. I made a joke, you didn’t even realize it. She beat him for playing a prank on him and tickle him for revenge. Stop smiling and look at her. She asked him what he was looking at. It said I saw the most beautiful thing in the world. She asked him what he meant. Point to the flowers outside. They are beautiful, right? She nodded. Daksh said I was fascinated by them (when I looked at her). She tidyed his hair.

Dax said I will take you home. I had an important meeting with Mukhi and Virender Pratap Singh from Rewari. She wished him luck in the meeting. Say hello to Mukhi Ji. he agrees. Daksh left home. He wants to confess his feelings to her in the evening. Daksh’s sister (Chandni) is learning to dance with a choreographer. The servant watched. They sneered at the fact that Chandnu was not married yet. What should I do if I slip and fall during practice? She might get hurt. She has prepared a lot of songs but has never been able to find a boyfriend. One person intervenes.

Chandni scolded them and told them to go to work. Dhwani asked if the exercise is not over yet. Chandni suggested that her choreographer show her her new dance steps tomorrow. Dhwani gave him juice. Chandni said that I prepared for my wedding. What if I find a boyfriend tomorrow? She told Dhwani to be prepared too. I don’t know who can propose to us or when. Dhwani said who would propose to me.

Chandni said this may have come from nothing. I will go to the living room now. Maybe I will meet someone tonight. Where is Daksh? Purvi / Dhwani shared that he has gone to meet Mukhi and Virender Pratap Singh from Rewari.

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