Mohlat Episode 1

Mohlat Episode 1 – Har Pal Geo Tv – 17th May 2021

Mohlat Episode 1 on Geo Tv 17th April 2021 Monday at 9:00 PM. Watch Mohlat Episode 1 Full HD 17th April 2021 Har Pal Geo Tv Drama in High-Quality Video.

Pakistani Drama Mohlat 1st Episode Daily on HAR PAL GEO. Drama Mohlat 17th April 2021 Geo Tv Drama and Watch the latest all episodes online on Geo Drama Live Today. Mohlat Drama Cast Starring Name Sami Khan And Kinza Hashmi are performed Lead roles.

Mohlat Drama Episode 1 Dailymotion and Youtube Watch Online. The latest all episodes of Mohlat Geo Tv Dramas Live in full HD for Free watch Online on YouTube. Mohlat 1st Episode Har Pal Geo Tv Drama 17th April 2021.

Geo entertainment Mohlat Drama only on Har Pal Geo Tv. Drama Mohlat 17th April 2021 Geo Tv Live. Watch Mohlat Episode 1 Promo by Har Pal Geo Entertainment. Geo Tv Dramas Schedule Mohlat Drama Timing is Monday to Sunday at 7:00 p.m only on

Mohlat 1st Episode aired on 17th April 2021 Monday at 9:00 PM on Har Pal Geo Tv Drama Offical Channel Youtube and Latest All Episodes from the Mohlat Pakistani Drama watch on Geo Entertainment Live. Watch Tonight Mohlat Episode 1 Full HD on Geo Tv Entertainment.

Mohlat Episode 1 | Har Pal Geo Tv Drama


Mohlat Drama Story

Mohlat is a story of a young girl’s sacrifices for her family even after being neglected and discriminated against all her life. Nawera is a young and innocent girl who lives with her parents and two elder sisters, Maham and Rida. Nawera’s loving and caring nature is often neglected by her family as her mother considers her unlucky since birth.

Despite knowing her self-worth, Nawera develops a liking for her cousin, Dawar who is already in love with Maham. On the other hand, Maham is a selfish and proud girl who prefers material things over genuine relationships.

Her friendship with one of her colleagues, Salman is also for her own benefit. Being the eldest amongst her siblings, Maham takes advantage of Naveera’s innocence and often blames and insults her. However, Rida chooses to support Nawera and tells her to stand up for herself.

Things take an unexpected turn when Maham refuses to acknowledge Salman’s feelings and accuses Nawera of having an affair with Salman in front of her whole family. As Maham continues to pave way for her success and goes on to marry Dawar, Nawera keeps entangling in accusations and embarrassment.

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