Meherposh Geo Tv | Danish Taimoor | Picture Gallery | air on 3 April 2020

Watch Online Meherposh drama presenting the first episode on 3 April 2020 Friday at 8:00 pm cast, Storyline, reviews, and OST and presenting melodies video on YouTube and Daily Motion and Instagram.

Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan amazing together New drama serial Meherposh 2020 air on Friday 8:00 pm. Ayeza Khan by Har Pal Geo Tv Here you can watch Pakistani New Drama in High Quality by Har Pal Geo Tv Entertainment.

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Meherposh drama har pal geo tv ready to bring on-screen Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor, every Friday at 8:00 PM. Only on har pal geo tv.

Watch every Friday at 8:00 pm Mehar Posh Drama by Har Pal Geo Tv Storyline, Cast, Timings, Teaser, Promo Review, and OST Song Meherposh drama Starrer Danish Taimoor Ayeza Khan and Ali Abbas Intense Story.

Hailing from a middle-class family, Mehru is a simple and kind-hearted girl while Shahjahan is Mehru’s next-door neighbor who has always been respectful of Mehru and her family.

In an unfortunate turn of event,s Mehru’s life is turned upside down when Shahjahan along with his friends casually passes flirtatious remarks for Mehru on her wedding day. Guided by malicious motives of her in-laws, Mehru’s husband Noman threatens to divorce her.

Guilt-ridden and furious, Shahjahan blames himself for Mehru’s condition. As Shahjahan begins to develop feelings for Mehru, will Shahjahan gather the courage to accept his mistakes and will Mehru forgive him? Will the interplay between love and trust bring Shahjahan and Mehru together?

Drama Serial Meherposh cast Danish Taimoor
Ayeza Khan Ali Abbas Arez Khan Many Other Written by Misbah Nosheen Directed by Mazhar Moin Produced by Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi Production house 7TH Sky Entertainment Schedule
Every Friday Timings 8:00 pm.

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