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Kriti Sanon Talks about Kartik Aaryan getting all the credit for Luka Chuppi success

Kriti Sanon Talks about Bollywood star Kartik Aaryan is swiftly making his way to the top in the industry after his latest film Luka Chuppi made waves at the box offices However, some were quick to point out about the actor bagging away the credit, alone.

During an interview with Bombay Times Bollywood star Kriti Sanon opened up about the unfair division of the credit that was attributed to the Aaj Kal actor only without acknowledging her part.

“The conversation started after a headline stating ‘Mr. Bachchan’s Badla and Kartik Aryan’s Luka Chuppi do well at the box office’, surfaced. Taapsee pointed it out and tweeted that female actors have also worked in these films,” she said.

There are times when actresses are not given as much importance as the actors, even when it comes to mentioning them in the headline. You don’t call a romantic film a girl’s movie. Some people have a tendency to write in detail about the male lead’s performance and just two lines describing the leading lady’s work. That, too, they focus more on how pretty she looked. Now, that’s upsetting,” she added.


Kriti’s comment has come in the midst of rumors of the actor having a rift with Kartik over the controversy. However, the buzz was refuted by the starlet who shrugged it off as pure banter.

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