Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber admits heavy drug use and abusing his relationships

On Tuesday, Justin Bieber shared a long note on his Instagram account. In the inscription Justin Bieber expressed that he had composed it from my heart. In the note he discussed growing up snappier than individuals his age because of his folks partition just as being a youthful VIP. Justin Bieber discussed the opportunity that joined being mainstream and rich conceding that he ended up dependent on medications and even manhandled connections.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, who is reportedly living the best season of his life after his marriage to Haley Baldwin, candidly shared his struggles stemming from childhood stardom, which he said led to every bad decision you could have thought of and took years of healing.

In a heartfelt and extensive Instagram post,, the ‘Sorry’ hit producer spilled his heart out to his fans and supporters giving a knowledge into his life.

“I went from a 13-year-old kid from a community to being adulated left and ideal by the world, with millions saying the amount they cherished me and how incredible I was,” he said including: “You hear these things enough as a little youngsters and you really start trusting it.”


Justin Bieber goes to state that as he rang in his 18th birthday, he has no set of skills to help him in the real world but instead was surrounded by hordes of wealth and a free-access to all of his desires.

In addition, he expresses that before he could stamp his twentieth year, he had made “each terrible choice you could consider”, being affected by overwhelming medications while likewise mishandling a large portion of his relationship.

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