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Malaysia has banned the movie Hustlers a Jennifer Lopez film based on the real life exploits of a band of strippers who fleeced clients after having drugged them. Malaysia’s government has been accused by art critics of being a nanny state for its conservative position on the films it allows to be shown in the country. In August the film censorship board (LPF) cut out homosexual scenes in Rocketman a movie based on the life of British singer Elton John.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Movie Hustlers Bans In Malaysia

The ban on “Hustlers” was announced over social media late on Thursday by the movie’s local distributor, Square Box Pictures.

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Starring Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu, the movie follows a group of strip club employees who steal money from rich Wall Street workers by charging their credit cards while they’re under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Malaysia’s film censorship board, however, decided that the naked breasts erotic dances and scenes featuring drugs in the film are not suitable for public screening.


Hustlers inspired by the real life story of Samantha Barbash and three others who stole at least $200,000 from men they had drugged collected over $30 million at North American theatres in its opening weekend last week.

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